Model course Course

Feel inhabitant of a ward to be once! Breath of Nerima animation

We do not listen now. The town of animation seems to be said, but, in Nerima, why does that give such you ... in secret? If it is inhabitant of a ward, naturally what which we want to be proud of wants to be felt jealous of by friend of other wards that we want to know? Nerima and course over relation of animation!

Feel inhabitant of a ward to be once! Breath image of Nerima animation

SPOT1. "Oizumi animation gate"

Oizumi animation gate

Life-sized figure in bronze of animation character related to Nerima-ku in station north exit pedesutoriandekki as for five 4 works! If it is taking a ceremonial photograph, shooting of some aori tendencies is recommended along with character! It is full of history of Nerima animation including animation chronological table in wall surface. We want to visit inhabitant of a ward slowly and carefully once!
© Tezuka production  ©Reiji Matsumoto, TOEI ANIMATION
© Asao Takamori, Tetsuya Chiba/Kodansha ©Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan

Address/1-28, Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku



Other than information which can confirm breathing of animator including production material directly about TOEI ANIMATION work, we can search work which TOEI ANIMATION produced with it is interactive monitor of wall one side by touching. We want adult to taste good old animation which everybody was absorbed in!

Address/2-10-5, Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku
Telephone/03-5905 - 5115
Business hours/10:00-17:00 (last admission 16:30)
Regular holiday/Wednesday, other no fixed holiday, admission charges for free

SPOT3. "Nerima Ward Shakujiikoen Furusato Museum"

Nerima Ward Shakujiikoen Furusato Museum

There is "multi-plane" (shooting stand) that supported animation of the times of cel in permanent construction exhibition room. Is it totally big microscope visually? This moves several cel at different speed and can photograph, and plane picture is originally groundbreaking machine that it is felt three-dimensionally! Animationphilia is check required!

Address/5-12-16, Shakujiimachi, Nerima-ku
Telephone/03-3996 - 4060
Business hours/9:00-18:00
Closed days temporary on regular holiday for/Monday, New Year holidays

SPOT4. "insect production"

Insect production

Know, God of animation, legendary workshop of Mr. Osamu Tezuka. Creator who carried many masterpieces, animation world was produced after start in Nerima-ku as Tezuka video production in 1961 by here. At entrance, that tasteful emblem still glitters!
※As it is in quiet residential area, we follow manner on visit and would like calmly.

Address/2-30-5, Fujimidai, Nerima-ku
Telephone/03-3990 - 4153
※We do not accept visits.