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The 30th kaiterihime Festival

[the 30th kaiterihime Festival]
terihime Festival is one of the two major festivals of Nerima-ku started in 1988. We pass, and Shakujii lord of a castle Yasushi Toyoshima of the Muromachi era to reach hometown is festival in connection with legend of to musumeterihime.
Many people visit mall connecting station and park Shakujii Park, Shakujii-Koen Station becoming venue ago every year.
It is gorgeous terihimekoretsu and stage, various contents including product sale.

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Date Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 10:00 to 15:30
Place Metropolitan Shakujii Park and the outskirts
Sponsorship terihime Festival promotion meeting
Inquiry 03-6721-0061 (the terihime Festival secretariat)
URL concerned http://teruhime-matsuri.com/
Remarks Executing the event on a light rainy day

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