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Festival aggravating as for the thirteenth mawashi

It is festival by Shimoshakujii mall.
Bon festival dance, street performance, events including refreshment stand are varied!

[shogi Festival]
Shogi Festival popular every year to 20 Friday 17:30-20:30.
Instruction shogi player of this year is Takebe Sayuri fair sex 3-dan, the Karo Lena sutechiensuka fair sex first grade.
On the day it is acceptance start from 17:00, but is to watch out as we cannot participate when we do not line up early.

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Festival image aggravating as for the thirteenth mawashi

Date Friday, July 20, 2018, Saturday, July 21
From 17:00 to 21:00
Place Shimoshakujii mall Showa-dori
Sponsorship Shimoshakujii mall promotion association
URL concerned http://www.nerima-kushoren.jp/eventlist
Remarks 20th Friday enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance, high school student dance, shogi Festival
21st Saturday samba, kuushudojoembu

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