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Hikarigaoka Park bird sanctuary night opening of the park

When the sky begins to darken, bat dances over pond, and insects gather for light and sap. Let's observe creatures of different night bird sanctuary in the daytime!
★Special commentary "bat of town" (rain out)
We will observe bat living in city
Sunday, July 29 19:00-19:30
August 11 (soil, celebration) 18:45-19:15
★"Forthcoming insect passes in sap" plan especially; (rain out)
We usually enter sanctuary not to be able to enter and observe beetles gathering in sap.
After 17:00, we can observe freely.

Hikarigaoka Park bird sanctuary night opening of the park image

Date Sunday, July 29, 2018, August 11 (soil, celebration)
*It is different from normal opening hours. As you are closed in the morning, please be careful.
Place Bird sanctuary in Hikarigaoka Park
Access In Oedo Line Hikarigaoka Station 5-minute walk, it is further two minutes in Hikarigaoka Park
Rate Admission for free (prior application is unnecessary)
URL concerned http://hikarigaoka.blog35.fc2.com/

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