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Japanese culture experience tour

We perform Japanese culture experience tour in Kouyama Garden while feeling signs of autumn to deepen, and to go.
[summary] Decoration rolled sushi, samisen, dressing experience. After the dressing experience, we can take a ceremonial photograph in Kouyama Garden.

[object] We guide in English, but even anyone including Japanese culture which is interested in introduction in English can participate.

[entrance fee] 5,000 yen (with light meal)

[lecturer] We open Katagiri (master of folk song samisen player, British flow example, the sum entertainment English interpretation person)
 We hold experience-based lesson in each place to have Katagiri akosanha of lecturer, not only Japanese but also visit to Japan foreigner feel the sum culture close.
In addition, with "terihime Festival" of two major festivals of Nerima (the 30th), the part of wife of a nobleman was acted as after audition.

[application method] After filling out the following contents, apply by return card or email.
It is ① full name ② address ③ phone number ④ age ⑤ sex ⑥ height ⑦ nationality (all the participants)

 〒176-0001 Nerima 1-17-1 Coconeri4 floor Nerima tourism center
 E-mail: kanko@nerima-idc.or.jp

[deadline for application]
 It must arrive by Tuesday, September 11, 2018

file Flyer (Japanese) (JPG:286.96KB)

file Flyer (English) (JPG:286.46KB)

Japanese culture experience tour image

Date Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 0:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. [application deadline Tuesday, September 11]
Place Toshimaen Station (meeting) ⇒ Kouyama Garden
Rate 5,000 yen (with light meal)
Sponsorship Nerima tourism center
Inquiry Telephone: 03-1256-1199 (Nerima tourism center)
URL concerned https://www.nerimakanko.jp/review/detail.php?article_id=SPE0000046

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