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Village project 2018 of nerima Japanese sweets

In the case of purchase, we can receive privilege to each three times of stores when we show bill! Please enjoy each shop original product using "Edo chestnut" from Nerima.

[distribution place of bill]
Each participation store, commercial and industrial sightseeing section (this the ninth floor of the government building), industry, sightseeing information corner (Nerima 1-17-1Coconeri3 floor), Shakujii tourist information center (3-23-8, Shakujiimachi)

[participation store] All 14 stores
Bakery Mother Goose/Kogetsuan houtoku/akagi/hotel cadenza Hikarigaoka bakery Bonn pal fan/pittsueriajitariadafirippo/shinseido/Kikuya/Eisen/patisserie Cami Tani/Musashi hermitage iguchi/Aoyagi/Nakata-ya/Daigo/Awaya Soubei

Village project 2018 image of nerima Japanese sweets

Date From Sunday, October 14, 2018 to Saturday, December 15
Place Each participation store shop
Inquiry Village project executive committee 3922-3636 of nerima Japanese sweets
URL concerned https://www.city.nerima.tokyo.jp/kusei/koho/hodo/h30/h3011/301108.files/301108.pdf

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