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Photo exhibition "Shotaro Ikenami product, direction "Tomitarou Makino"

Citation from photograph and script introduces play "Tomitarou Makino" staged by theatrical company "new country drama" in March, 1957 by script of Shotaro Ikenami.

In addition, we display collection of photographs "looks" of Ken Domon that Ikenami was strongly attracted by eyes of Makino in addition.
With sentence that Ikenami wrote about Shogo Shimada who played Tomitarou Makino and the leading role Ikenami of botanist called Tomitarou Makino approach grow, and how described state.

Photo exhibition "Shotaro Ikenami product, direction "Tomitarou Makino" image

Date From Saturday, January 19 to Sunday, March 17 From 9:00 to 17:00
Place The Makino memory garden Memorial
Rate Free of charge
URL concerned http://www.makinoteien.jp/
Remarks Closed days: On Tuesday

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