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  • The 270th atrium mini-stage

    The 270th atrium mini-stage
    Date Wednesday, June 19 from 15 to 45 minute at 12:00
    Place The first floor of the Nerima City Office central government office building atrium
    Rate No charge for admission
    Sponsorship (public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Nerima-ku culture promotion
    URL concerned https://www.city.nerima.tokyo.jp/kankomoyoshi/bunka/atrium/atosute.html
    Remarks ※Prior application is unnecessary.
    ※Please refrain from visit by car.

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  • Forest insect Museum of Toshimaen "glow of a firefly"

    Forest insect Museum of Toshimaen "glow of a firefly"
    Date Only on Saturday and Sunday of from Saturday, June 1 to Sunday, June 23 
    Place The Toshimaen "Forest insect Museum of Toshimaen"
    Rate 300 yen ※Toshimaen admission charges are needed separately
    ※We cannot use with 1-day ticket, ticket of seaweed.
    ※We are charged a fee from 2 years old.
    ※We cannot use cashless tag
    URL concerned http://www.toshimaen.co.jp/event/2019hydrangea-festival/midokoro/index.html

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  • The 17th Toshimaen hydrangea Festival

    The 17th Toshimaen hydrangea Festival
    Date From Saturday, May 25 to Monday, June 24
    Place Toshimaen (3-25-1, Mukouyama)
    Rate [admission] Adult (more than junior high student): 1,000 yen, child (3 years old ... primary schoolchild): 500 yen
    URL concerned http://www.toshimaen.co.jp/page.jsp?id=16031
    Remarks *Hydrangea Festival period-limited admission discount, flowering information have a lot, and please see associated URL link.

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