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The date: List of 2020 eight a month 16 days a month

  • Parent and child contact bathing (peppermint hot water)

    Parent and child contact bathing (peppermint hot water)
    Date Sunday, August 16
    Place Public bath in Nerima-ku
    Rate 470 yen for adults (more than junior high student)
    Primary schoolchild 180 yen
    Non-school children 80 yen
    ※With peppermint hot water, in the case of visit, we are free of charge to two non-school children in parent and child
    URL concerned https://www.city.nerima.tokyo.jp/kankomoyoshi/event/sonota/hakka_yomogi.html
    Remarks ※Business hours vary according to facilities. For more details, please confirm in each bathhouse.

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  • Body exhibition of insect

    Body exhibition of insect
    Date Wednesday, July 22 ... Sunday, August 30
    Place Nerima Ward Nakazato Kyodo no Mori (1-51-2, Oizumimachi)
    Rate Free of charge
    URL concerned https://www.ces-net.jp/nakazato/pg77.html
    Remarks Regular holiday: Every Tuesday

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