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Sweets of adult that cognac is fragrant as for the small triangular cake "Dunetto" which we coated with chocolate gently.
As for the thick taste that almond and pinenuts can taste well if bite-sized that it is easy to eat, it is pleased with both the one and only, man and woman.
With patent product of shop which chef studied in France, production and sales are cakes of home France which they have permission to do in particular and make in Japan.

Price With eight: 910 yen (tax-included)
With about 15: 1,780 yen (tax-included)
Shop Arukashon
The location 5-34-4, Minamioizumi, Nerima-ku
TEL 03-5935-6180
Business hours From 10:30 to 20:00
Regular holiday On Monday (in the case of Monday holiday Tuesday, the following day)
Access From Seibu Ikebukuro Line Hoya Station a 3-minute walk
Remarks [other stores in ward] Arukashon Nerima store

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