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Miyama zuto

Miyama zuto image

Small-sized steamed adzuki-bean jelly "Miyama zuto" which put sweet bean paste with mashed chestnut using chestnut from Nerima in the dough of adzuki bean.
We can have from the elderly to small child deliciously softly without being too sweet. It is impressive in occasion of beautiful Japanese paper.
Chestnut uses Oizumigakuen product. It may be said that it is right one article of local production for local consumption with by no means inferior taste in comparison with thing of celebrity chestnut production center.
※Of October ... February is for a limited time

Price 230 yen (tax-included)
Shop Japanese sweets Daigo
The location 6-28-40, Oizumigakuencho, Nerima-ku
TEL 03-5947-3880
Business hours From 9:30 to 19:00
Regular holiday On Monday (other no fixed holiday)
Access From Seibu Ikebukuro Line Oizumi-Gakuen Station bus "Tokyo residents farm" getting off one minute

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