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The old days miso steamed bun

The old days miso steamed bun image

It is shi ttaamajoppaiomanju to miso dough in "Mukashi-miso suzushironosato" of the only miso warehouseman "Koujiyasaburoemon" in Tokyo.
Was light with solid miso dough; go, and balance of bean jam is exquisiteness. It is quite popular with children!
It is dough and pancake that we go, and bean jam noamajoppasano balance is excellent of Sekkado pride which we kneaded miso into in old days.

Price 108 yen (tax-included)
Shop Sekkado Ekoda station square store
The location 1-59-1, Kotakecho, Nerima-ku
TEL 03-3958-4884
Business hours 9:30-19:00
Regular holiday Unavailable
Access From Seibu Ikebukuro Line Ekoda Station a 1-minute walk
Remarks [other stores in ward] Sekkado Emio Nerima-Takanodai store Sekkado Heiwadai store Sekkado Hikawadai store

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