Nerimaru goods now on sale!

We introduce goods of Nerima-ku formula animation character "Nerimaru".

We sell Nerimaru goods at tourist information center of neighborhood, Nerima City Office basement stand.
(as for all the notation, tax-included)

Pochi bag


Pochi bag which is convenient when we have always ready in house to be usable immediately.
Please use for New Year's present and celebration.
Product made in sense of quality order which there is.

One bag (with three pieces) of 200 yen

Sports towel


☆★☆We renew because of favorable reception and reproduce☆★☆

It is 100-percent-cotton easy feel (Imabari, Ehime product).
500 yen

Can badge


Canned Nerimaru badge which is popular as souvenir at reasonable size and price.
We sold two kinds of white and blue newly!
For each 100 yen

Clear file


Clear file of convenient A4 size. Pattern is four kinds of "sightseeing" "blue" "walk" "cabbage" motif.
(one piece) 100 yen



27 kinds of Nerimaru of cute pose.
Please use notebook or calendar for personal this and that.
100 yen

LINE stamp


Nerimaru comes up to LINE stamp!
Lovely Nerimaru colors talk.

One set of 40 kinds 120 yen

Confirmation, the purchase of stamp from LINE store of ↓.



It is three colors set of red, blue, yellow.
300 yen



Cushion which modelled face of "Nerimaru."
It is the soft and fluffy feel.
2,200 yen

Strap including sewing


Pretty stuffed toy strap which was particular about design.
We are attached to favorite place including bag and carrying.
800 yen

We are selling at two places of tourist information centers in ward

Tourist information center:
Industry, sightseeing information corner (1-17-1, Nerima, Nerima-ku Coconeri3 floor)
Shakujii tourist information center (3-23-8, Shakujiimachi, Nerima-ku Shakujii-Koen Station Central Exit side)

For more information about tourist information center, please see the following URL.