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Natural hot spring "Hisamatsu hot water"

Natural hot spring "Hisamatsu hot water" image

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We went to natural hot spring "Hisamatsu bath" in Sakuradai. Though it is before noon on weekdays, the number of frightful bicycles stops. It will be public bath loved in area. (^◇^) the floor warmth, sofa of entrance. Do not think to be public bath; is stylish, and is stylish. But public bath even in the place with milk after bath. There is bathroom to carbonated spring and open-air bath other than bath of bubble, electric bath. Even natural hot spring. It is brown and is slightly salty. It is happy to be able to take natural hot spring in Nerima. Happiness was unexpectedly near. That we can see projection mapping at night, too. We want to go this time at night.