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Let's go to public bath!

Let's go to public bath! Image

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We went to public bath for the work end. (^ ω ^)
The nearest "bath of rock" disappears several years ago,
As for near "hot water of standing", way is hard to be secondly identified a little
If did not go, but go so far;, after all
"Public bath is the best".

"Hot water of standing" is traditional sour appearance, but bathtub is inner,
Tiles of washing space were the latest things made which did not slip.
Expensive ceiling, turn stand, smell including shoe cupboard of the Showa era angrily.
Is it Nerima naradehadeshoka before big mirror of dressing room?
Vegetables (daikon and sheath pea, dried radish strips) were sold in 100-yen shop. (^ ω ^)

Though there was not, bottle milk swallowed up strawberry milk of can after the bath.
Oh, there was such a good bath near.
You should have come earlier. (*^^*)