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How to read Ekoda Street

How to read Ekoda Street image

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In "the Ekoda Street" to almost tie to the north and south between Senkawa-dori St. and Shin-ome Kaido, in the north, Nerima-ku way, the south are Nakano-ku ways after intersection with Mejiro-dori St. Well, we pay attention to Romaji of under an alias excellent mark standing at intersection here. Nerima-ku course is that Nakano-ku way is "egota street" "according to ekoda". In addition, Nerima main pivot ward way Route 18 where Nerima-ku way starts from here. Popular name name becomes "Kotake Street" in point of railroad crossing of Seibu Ikebukuro Line, and near Kotake-Mukaihara Station, intersection with Kanamecho street are terminals.