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Oizumigakuencho gymnasium renewal

Oizumigakuencho gymnasium renewal image Oizumigakuencho gymnasium renewal image

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Nerima Ward Oizumigakuencho gymnasium is reopened on April 1! (we seem to have made repair work from last September)
By saying this, went in pre-one which opened on these Saturday and Sunday.
As we came to ki by renewal for the first time, it was not revealed how about the material, but was beautiful facility.

As MIZUNO group of sports brand runs in spite of being municipal gymnasium, facilities and the staff are deployed well, too.
Though is good though forge by training gym (the first time seems to need registration and orientation participation), and play badminton or table tennis in gymnasium; excellent; though do, and swim in pool; excellent; do, on holiday in after in 5 it is said and seems to be refreshed.

Similar municipal gymnasium is in ward for each area.
As it is very reasonable and can enjoy sports as it is municipal, it is recommended personally.

Oizumigakuen-dori St. was very clean in tunnel of cherry blossoms when we took a walk by way of cherry blossom viewing from the Oizumi-Gakuen Station north exit to gymnasium♪
This is recommended now as it is at their best.

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