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Is it Seoul foods shop ⋯ of Hikarigaoka IMA?

Is it Seoul foods shop ⋯ of Hikarigaoka IMA? Image

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Hikarigaoka that is the undeveloped ground for me of the westernmost local people of Nerima-ku.
As got down on agriculture festival to go; to stomach goshiraeni IMA!
"The heap of eaves" of guide did not become vacant in rank that excluded some around noon and waited only for a little.

It is tanmen that ordered.
As it was written by default that there are many noodles, we ordered in noodles a bit, but heaping bowlful of, vegetables appear according to the image hard!
As is expected, it is Seoul foods shop (I think so without permission) of Hikarigaoka IMA!
A lot of vegetables size satisfaction thank you for the delicious meal!

And it is good that there is card of seat keeping for one!
We were able to go for order & article receiving in peace♪