Site policy

Site policy


General Nerima-ku Industry Promotion Corporation runs this site for the purpose of attractive dispatch of Nerima-ku.

About copyright

General Nerima-ku Industry Promotion Corporation or original work author holds copyrights such as sentence, image, sound, video used on our website. Please refrain from unauthorized use, reproduction such as these sentences, images, sounds, videos used on our website.
Copyrights which depended on contribution belonged to the person who posted concerned, but should agree to user was free in contribution contents for our corporation and was nonexclusive and should consent to right to use if and when was posted and not using copyrights for our corporation.

About link

Link to this site is free to do principle. When you set link, please specify that it is link to this site.
But I decline the following link firmly.

  1. We use method that it becomes unknown it is frame link and page of these other sites.
  2. Contents of homepage of origin of link may spoil reliability of this site including thing against illegal thing (they include thing having illegal possibilities), public order and morals.

About contribution management

About contribution to our site, please be careful about the following points.

  1. Copyright belongs to contributor (photographer). But contribution information (photograph, comment, article) inflects by events such as printed matter or WEB site, photo exhibition for publicity work of Nerima-ku Industry Promotion Corporation without getting consent of the person.
  2. We may use contribution information for attractive PR or sightseeing PR of Nerima in group which Nerima-ku or Nerima-ku Industry Promotion Corporation admits. In addition, it may be used in information magazine or media.
  3. We do not inform of individual treatment about use of contribution information. In addition, we use gratis.
  4. We do not return contribution information.
  5. All contributions are not introduced.
  6. Contribution information may do processing (trimming, deletion, correction correction) without getting consent of contributor.
  7. When person appears in amateur pix, please post after getting permission from the person by all means.
  8. For trouble about infringement of right of likeness, conversion of trademark registration without permission, infringement of copyright, sponsor does not take responsibility at all. When dispute occurs with third party about contribution contents, it shall be settled by responsibility of the contributor.

In addition, please be careful as you may delete about contribution irrelevant to attractive dispatch of Nerima-ku and contribution including contents which you nominated as follows.

  1. Content that against public order and morals or laws and ordinances or might be
  2. Contents which discrimination or slander slanders third party, and hurt honor or trust
  3. Contents which disclose personal information without consent of the person, and leak out, and violate privacy
  4. Contents which violate copyright of third party, right of likeness or other intellectual property rights
  5. Contents which work on political activity, election, and are similar to religious activity or these
  6. It is contents with with end or the threat for criminal act
  7. Inappropriate contents including obscene expression
  8. Listed contents are falsely or remarkably different from fact
  9. Use of harmful program or thing to provide, again; can cause
  10. Thing for the purpose of link to homepage including contents to 1-9
  11. In addition, act that we judged to be inappropriate on running or contents

Privacy policy

  1. On our homepage, we make the use purpose clear on the acquisition of personal information. In addition, information to collect shall be minimum for achievement of purpose.
  2. When we change use purpose, we notify the person of changed use purpose or announce.
  3. Personal information does not do disclosure, offer for third party except the following cases.
    • (1) When there is agreement of the person
    • (2) When laws and ordinances have fate
    • (3) When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult for to with consent of the person
    • (4) When it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of child in particular, and it is difficult that with consent of the person
    • (5) When it is necessary to cooperate for Nerima-ku or other administrations accomplishing office work that laws and ordinances determine and might affect accomplishment of the office work concerned by obtaining the person's consent


  1. This site may change information that you placed without notice, and please note that you stop administration of site or you may cancel.
  2. All publication information on this site is just information in the point of publication, and there are cases that publication information does not agree with fact by case that reorganizes name or contents without announcing previously after the publication beforehand in this site and progress at time.
  3. About all acts that one to use performs using information of our website, our corporation does not take responsibility.
  4. About unexpected accident that they occurred by homepage of third party to link to from this site and this site having been used, our corporation does not take responsibility.
  5. With ② user about trouble between ① users who occurred in conjunction with our page or the damage that covered, about trouble of third party or the damage that put on, our corporation does not take responsibility.
  6. Other than the above, our corporation does not take all responsibility about any damage that they occurred in conjunction with our homepage.
  7. We may stop operation of our page without notifying by system failure or maintenance beforehand.

About governing law

About the use of this site and interpretation, application of publication information and this use condition, we shall be based on Japan inside dimensions, unless otherwise specified.

About change of site policy

We may change site policy of this site without notice.