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It is walk image at mall of "mall X Art" event - spring

| Nerima tourism center Event

We stroll in mall of "mall X Art" event - spring

We introduce spring event of mall beginning on March 1.
What is "mall ✖Art" which is theme?

Period: From Monday, March 1 to Sunday, March 31

santsu Nakamurabashi mall

santsu Nakamurabashi mall image

Information magazine "Bonjour! Nakamurabashi" to introduce way of enjoying of "downtown Murahashi with art museum" to was issued.

With information magazine, we introduce small Art in mall including noodle shop where work of well-known artist is displayed and Japanese sweets feeling the traditional beauty.
During period, we distribute pocket tissue that possession work of municipal art museum was designed at mall (finished as soon as we disappear).

Furthermore! We distribute service ticket that discount is received in participation shop by visitor of municipal art museum (1,000 pieces of first arrival).
How is "Art walks for return of art museum at mall?"

[distribution place of information magazine]
santsu Nakamurabashi mall (around Nakamurabashi Station), Nerima Art Museum, industry, sightseeing information corner (co-connection re-the third floor), Shakujii tourist information center


  Contents (partly) of information magazine

  santsu Nakamurabashi mall HP: http://nyanpy.com/

Around Oizumi-Gakuen Station south exit mall

Does botanical art know, everyone?

Botanical art is miniature which drew plant in precision scientifically.
It is described to thin hair growing to stem really finely and is plant image, but is beautiful so as to be able to appreciate as work of art.


Botanical art which world-famous botanist, painter with Dr. Tomitarou Makino connection drew gives glory to mall.

Participation store is 69 stores around the Oizumi-Gakuen Station south exit.
As for what all 69 stores seem to be different, and ask work saying "this shop will be any flower", and walk, happy.


During period, we distribute seeds of flower and vegetables in participation shop.
(kind is finished as soon as we disappear)

[distribution place of brochure which participation shops were published in]
Around Oizumi-Gakuen Station south exit mall, Makino memory garden, industry, sightseeing information corner (co-connection re-the third floor), Shakujii tourist information center

okanzakura reaches in full bloom in Makino memory garden.
(okanzakura flowers ahead of Yoshino cherry tree)
How is cherry blossom viewing earlier at Makino memory garden + Oizumi-Gakuen Station south exit mall?