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We want to eat in summer! Unmanned sale place report moaruyo image that can get introduction & summer field greens in simple Italian recipe using local summer field greens

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We want to eat in summer! There is unmanned sale place report that can get introduction & summer field greens in simple Italian recipe using local summer field greens

Hot summer season came over this year. Season when richness can get vegetables in the summer when we received benefit of the rainy season in July. As for the dishes using seasonal vegetables, both heart and body get well!

We introduce "Italian-style dinner using summer vegetables which it is easily possible" for based on Igarashi worked on in Nerima-ku this time as vegetable dish family or recipe that had you resemble not to do.

In addition, we report unmanned sale place of Nerima-ku which can purchase vegetables having just finished being produced! Using fresh vegetables which grew in Nerima, please enjoy seasonal cooking this summer.

Delicious thing easily wants to eat! We cooked Italian-style dinner

Delicious thing easily wants to eat! Image which created Italian-style dinner

Dishes which we made at photograph/true verge. From the left top counterclockwise "bruschetta of edamame and cream cheese" "meat sauce pasta with eggplant and ground meat" "carpaccio of salmon and zucchini"

We left the country of Nagasaki for Tokyo, and, after the graduation from university, it was the fifth year in this year. In Nerima-ku living in now, we do new discovery and perform in various place and are Seimu of freelance writer who wants to live a spiritually rich life!

In dishes being great weak points, and being reliance, but my usually making Italian-style dinner using vegetables to side dish of supermarket in the summer this time.

I'm ashamed to say, I "am hard to deal with as cooking takes time…Out of feeling called ", we did not usually cook very much, but came to think that we shot in the past few months, and time increased "to want to come to be able to cook the own meals for health" with opportunity.

We would challenge dishes which we did not like and throbbed inwardly whether you did well, but were able to easily make stylish dinner in a short time!

As we can take vegetables well and become stylish dining table, it is recommended to which cannot readily use time for dishes busily every day at job and child care, school.

It is Igarashi who it holds vegetables coordinator qualification to have told such a wonderful recipe, and deals with many recipe development by book or WEB service or does not do. As vegetable dish family moving into action in Nerima-ku, various recipes using seasonal vegetables are sent.


We will check recipe using vegetables in the summer promptly!

1: It is real meat sauce pasta with eggplant and ground meat rumblingly

1: It is real meat sauce pasta with eggplant and ground meat image rumblingly

[) for materials (two] Cooking time: 20 minutes

 200 g of beef and pork ground meat
 Two eggplant
 1/2 onion
 One slice of garlic
  ◆Cut canned tomatoes one can (400 g)
  ◆Worcester sauce tablespoon 1
  ◆ Red wine tablespoon 1 (if there is)
 Olive oil teaspoon 4
 Salt, black pepper each; there is few
 200 g of Spaghetti (1.6mm)
 Little parsley (if there is)

[how to make]

 1. We chop eggplant into chunks and expose to water. We mince onion, garlic finely.


 2. It heats olive oil teaspoon 2 to frying pan and we bake until we bake eggplant and are colored and take out. It heats olive oil teaspoon 2, garlic to the same frying pan and if flavor is made, we add onion and saute until tender. We add beef and pork ground meat and fry until color changes.


 3. We return eggplant and can enter and add [A] and stew for ten minutes while sometimes mixing. We fix taste in salt, black pepper.


 4. Salt little o is boiling water which we added and boil Spaghetti than indication briefly for one minute and send to colander. We intertwine in addition to 3 and scatter parsley which we tore off.


[a word memo of Seimu during dishes ascetic practices]

We cut ingredients and fry, and, with brief step boiling, the orthodox school meat sauce pasta is completed! By baking slowly and carefully while letting eggplant suck in oil at the first stage, it is juicier and is finished. By slight invention, the finish of dishes changes!



2: Refreshing carpaccio of fresh and young zucchini and salmon

2: Refreshing carpaccio image of fresh and young zucchini and salmon

[for materials (two)] Cooking time: Five minutes

 60 g of salmons (for sashimi)
 1/8 zucchini
 One lemon small
 Olive oil tablespoon 1
 Salt, black pepper each; there is few

[how to make]

 1. Salmon to slice of a mouthful size zucchini of 3mm width cut into round slices. 1/2 lemon makes half circle slice of 3mm width, and the remainder squeezes fruit juice.

 2. We serve salmon, zucchini, lemon of half circle slice in plate and are about to turn olive oil, lemon fruit juice and wave salt, black pepper.

[a word memo of Seimu during dishes ascetic practices]

One article not to use fire and frying pan at all, and to cut ingredients, and to just set, and to be completed. It is sometimes recommended recipe to "want to make stylish side menu in a short time"!

When we serve in dish, by displaying salmon lemon zucchinis at random, can serve smartly.



3: Bruschetta of cream cheese that edamame and taste were jam-packed light

3: Bruschetta image of cream cheese that edamame and taste were jam-packed light

[for materials (four)] Cooking time: Ten minutes

 100 g of edamame (with sheath)
 Four pieces of slice of baguette
  ◆ 50 g of cream cheese
  ◆ Of garlic grate; 1/4 teaspoon
  ◆ Salt, black pepper each; there is few

[how to make]

 1. We wash edamame and put in the heat-resistant container and heat lap in microwave oven (500w) for being soft for three minutes. Sheath produces beans if we get rough heat.

 2. Edamame serves 12 drops for decorations and, other than that, we put in the plastic bag and crush with cotton swab.

 3. It mixes edamame, [A] which we crushed and paints baguette. We ride edamame for decoration.

[a word memo of Seimu during dishes ascetic practices]

Of course, as for edamame and the bruschetta of cream cheese matching white wine well, even house party seems to play an active part in stylish appearance on everyday table.

Taste of garlic was added to wet mild cream cheese, and hand which ate did not stop! As for the pail, toast looks slightly good even if we do.



In sale place in the summer unmanned as for the procurement of vegetables! We get fresh vegetables and enjoy cooking

In sale place in the summer unmanned as for the procurement of vegetables! Image to get fresh vegetables, and to enjoy cooking

Unmanned sale place of photograph/Haruo Sakuma. The farm products contact guide thirteenth.

We want to get fresh vegetables with much effort if we do cooking using vegetables in the summer! In fact, there is direct barracks, no person sale place in total 100 or more in Nerima-ku.

I began to live in Nerima, and it was the third year, but decided to perform at this opportunity as we had not been to unmanned sale place!

What is unmanned sale place?

What is unmanned sale place? Image

Unmanned sale place of photograph/Haruo Sakuma. The left: Sale machine. The right: Potato and tomato which we purchased. Fresh thing is handed down from tight appearance.

Unmanned sale place is sale place that there are not people according to the name. As farmers often do it and supplement vegetables which we harvested on the day, we can obtain fresh vegetables.

It is unmanned sale place of Haruo Sakuma at 2, Takamatsu, Nerima-ku that came this time. In the end of May when I came, tomato and potato, cucumber, onion were sold.
We seem to put vegetables in the sale machine basically as 9:00 a.m. when we hear story from Sakuma. When you want to buy vegetables as it has been often sold out in the evening, you should go early.

You can buy seasonal vegetables in unmanned sale place

Image which seasonal vegetables can buy in unmanned sale place

Field of photograph/Sakuma. The left: Aiko tomato. The right: Eggplant.

Next to unmanned sale place that Sakuma was run, there was field which spread out in one side. We seem to bring up vegetables which we accepted here in season.

As for the figure of kind "Aiko tomato" which is popular in tomato. At the time of coverage, there were in total six kinds sale, cultivated vegetables. From the making of vegetables to sale, we are surprised at one all to hear doing…!
Words of Sakuma who said while considering field to be saying "we finished going astray if we surrounded species, and there is not that we brought up vegetables" were impressive.
When there are delicious vegetables by labor and time of everyday farmhouse, we realize that we cut leaf depending on growth of vegetables and care for not to match damage of pest and manage so that it is not for malnutrition.
We just thought that we used love vegetables which put, and were made for everyday dishes in Nerima-ku where we lived in that meal was happy usual double 3 times, and it seemed to be to thing with a sense of fulfilment!

In unmanned sale place of Sakuma, vegetables are going to be sold in summer such as edamame, cucumber, tomato cherry tomatoes, corn, eggplant from July.


We discover some fields and unmanned sale places while walking.

Though Nerima-ku is city for me who left Nagasaki for Tokyo in Tokyo, in there being field and unmanned sale place everywhere, I am amazed to learn.

We thought that it was, "Nerima is livable town" again.


We knew that there were many direct barracks and unmanned sale places, and it was opportunity to realize charm of Nerima again.

It is me who do not like dishes, but, triggered by this, is going to challenge dishes using fresh vegetables! With person of vegetable dish, Igarashi or blog which does not do, we are introduced various dishes as well as this recipe.

Which "we want to do various cooking", please check to "want to gain repertories of dishes" by all means!

It is person of vegetable dish, Igarashi or does not do [selling recipe book!]

It is person of vegetable dish, Igarashi or does not do [selling recipe book!] Image

We let you are and feel, and two recipe books are sold to kana with electronic book. As not only recipe but also point of selection of wine by wine expert is listed, we can enjoy pairing. House drink seems to become more fun! We can check the details from the following title.

<the first> It matches wine! Simple recipe 10 of spring cabbage
We do gently and introduce ten total recipes using spring cabbage which texture has good. Wide recipe is recorded from salad to vice-greens, soup, staple food, main dishes. Using imminent ingredients, it is only thing to be able to make as soon as we thought.

<the second> It matches wine! Simple recipe 10 of new jaga & potato
We introduce ten total recipes that used fresh and young new jagato, not soggy oishiijagaimoo. As recipe utilized good commentary of each characteristic and ingredients is recorded, we seem to notice charm that new jagatojagaimono is new.

Blog: Recipe book of farmhouse
Instagram: @ tokyo831_com
Igarashi farm: The 78th of "farm products contact guide"
Related story: We let there is Nerima's person #125 and feel, and kana comes (person of vegetable dish)

Farm products contact guide [available for downloading, too]

Farm products contact guide [available for downloading, too] image

List of farm products direct management places and map of Nerima-ku are listed in farm products contact guide.

There is not direct barracks, nothing people sale place or, using farm products contact guide, may check near place living in now and the place to visit well.

In addition, it is useful as table which we summarized time when farm products are sold in appears when we want to cook season.

Distribution place (as for the downloading this)

Urban agriculture section (the ninth floor of the Nerima City Office central government office building)
Inhabitant of a ward information open space (Nerima City Office west the first floor of the government building)
Industry, sightseeing information corner co; knead; rethe third floor (Nerima 1-17-1) ※It is closed until September 30, 2020
Shakujii tourist information center (3-23-8, Shakujiimachi)
Shakujii oldness and culture building (5-12-16, Shakujiimachi)
Inhabitant of a ward office (Nerima is excluded)

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