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#002 comic story tellers
Shocho Shunpuutei

State of "200 times of IMA variety halls commemorative performance."
Memory of teacher, relationship with Hikarigaoka
 Masatomo lives in here Hikarigaoka, and it is this and that nearly 20 years. That it was a chance to do care around the body of willow dynasty teacher which fell down in illness. 1985 when teacher moved to Hikarigaoka as home of shu from Tokorozawa, Shiinamachi is year when Masatomo was just promoted to qualification given to comic storyteller.
After "teacher was usually lucky at the time of qualification given to comic storyteller announcement performance of pupil, and was "one thing which it was said, say hello, and took in him", but fell down, and it was for paralysis of one side; "do, and there is not, and, as for what, is bad for you…"Was favorite phrase"
 Masatomo who talked about memory of teacher in this. When hear tape of teacher of the quite well times, after all, "umeenaa. Oneself seems to think still more. We looked back on guide those days with nostalgia and told episode of teacher who was Date with the best.
 "We lived in very dirty house (laugh). There would not be money because it was people when "money of overnight does not last". But clothes and shoes were piled up in stylish people with mountain in one 6-tatami room"

200 times of celebration! Hikarigaoka IMA variety hall,
It is serene without taking a rest without being eager

 It is IMA variety hall of door money 100 yen that Masatomo continues in such memorable Hikarigaoka. We reached 200 times of memory on Sunday, September 24. We have a lot of venues of full thanks with heat of the audience waiting for now or now or the start from morning.
 Program of this notable day…? After all, it is saury in autumn, that must be "saury of Meguro", too! ... which met this expectation called this wonderfully.
 Time is the Edo era. Lord cannot forget taste of fatty saury which we ate in Meguro in occasion of outing. Saury of the highest grade that what retainers ordered as we said that we wanted to eat again by all means ordered from the Nihonbashi riverbank fish market. After when this fat is bad for the health, "decoloring by oil of emasculation" being all dried out, and, with serious affair, doing expressly, and giving, is looking lord who does not go of understanding for some reason…. You see, after all, saury is limited to Meguro! Familiar story called this. It kept on having laughter for this program to be able to say that it was forte (forte) for Masatomo, mature fatty art with a rush from seat.

 Fun lottery while we can excite venue with the presentation of letter of thanks, witty conversation with Seicho of younger disciple from Shimura Mayor Nerima in commemoration of 200 times after rakugo.
 We were certainly tense in praise from the president and accepted interview after omoi breath and the person in question were very modest and the stage jumped at own pace whether you were fired up.
"iyaa, thank you, though have lasted 200 times rakugo as for me saying is saying  do not think about audacious thing to contribute to wide meyotoka area"; shoulder kakkun and comment that it seems to be (laugh).
 However, it "is fact that is studied very much this place where reaction of visitor is felt as comic storyteller realistically. It is hard to be glad that everybody sees comfortable shinirunoo obediently. Saying I include local familiarity, and is indispensable place to study rakugo, as for had words that was glad for Nerima-ku saying was.

Is it bumburyodo? 
With sportsmanship and human empathy

 It is famous as Masatomo of study, unparalleled soccer enthusiast as preacher of traditional entertainment every day.
 We preside over association of rakugo soccer club "RFC man dollars" and we wear number 10 as supervision, captain and play and belong to soccer team "the mummy" by entertainer. That, as for the acquaintance, friendship is deep with former Yokohama F. Marinos Kazushi Kimura of most both officially and privately in soccer world. As it is said that we acquired qualification of the third grade umpire not only as player, is the passion not ordinary person, too?

 Creed, that which such Masatomo values by rakugo always create "classical storytelling to live in now" and say when what we express. But why is it that we are just particular about classic?
 "At first, this is because there is story and all the characters are attractive. Though we follow from the Edo era, as for the rakugo, visitor laughs in the same place even if the times change. When, in this, Japanese heart, subtleties of human empathy do not change forever; thing. There is that human being is good to bass"
 In addition, even if the same person plays classic, it is different every time, and is place where feeling changes by people playing even the same program completely with charm? Of result or "life ad lib" there seem to be many comic story tellers liking jazz.

 "It will be natural posture from now on without being eager" and wants you to tell 300 times, 400 times and ad lib rakugo that worked so that variety hall - - teacher of IMA says.

(November 1, 2006 update)


Shocho Shunpuutei

Shocho Shunpuutei

Comic story teller living in Hikarigaoka. We study under guide, fifth generation, Ryucho Shunpuutei (reason) in July, 1975. 1980 two a year eyes, 1985 qualification given to comic storyteller promotion. We held "IMA variety hall" once a month in Hikarigaoka IMA hall and counted 200 times in September. Is opposite to the achievement, and the person reaches; and natural posture. Hobby becoming hot plays soccer unintentionally. Or French and beautiful woman (!) Owner of subarashiibaransu sense called this.

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