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#005 "Musashi Nomoto closing a deal udon bunch Enza" storekeeper
Tomoharu Kato, Yuko

Kato to be like fellow soldier in Yuko of wife. Two people are Enza that they gather.
With origin of the name of Enza
Thought that we put to one pink udon

 Enza which Fuji Highway is along, and there is right in front of Nishimura bus stop. Two kinds of wheat of "fujimi wheat" and "agriculture and forestry 61" grows up into size of around 10cm to shrubbery of entrance lively. We seemed to have feelings toward well-known Enza, local wheat and vegetables to national udon enthusiast very much and heard about story. At first, have udon of noon….

 We order "seasonal bread forest where it is sleety" called popular menu. We did a little, and wife who seemed to be gentle carried tray. Udon served in dish is smooth, it is glossy and one pink noodle are attached like obi. Vegetables and meat are plentiful to bowl with hot juice. We try to imagine that we go through hand of many people a little until vegetables of Nerima are cultivated in field and enter this container. As "vegetables to put varied according to seasons, we could enjoy change of taste by just that much", wife told. ... which was embarrassed by tsuru, resistance to the teeth with waist and good point over throat with udon like a brick.

 When only one asks Kato of the master who came out of kitchen pink noodles which entered
"It is appreciation to customer who is doing coloring in extract of Perilla frutescens, but that comes for Enza all the way, and ate"
There seem to be many customers who come from distant place when it is Saturday and Sunday. The name called Enza means "Japanese yen" to surround seat in a circle and "relationship" of connection with people and person, and it can call at end-to-end of story that Kato values at all relationship.

Kato who was udonphobia
It became noodle shop!

 As for Kato, both birth and the breeding are locals of Oizumi district. This neighborhood was suitable for dry field farming than the U.S. making of in corner of Musashino plateau. It is district where Musashino udon was eaten from the old days so that udon is shot on ceremonial occasion. If we think that Kato surely likes udon since childhood…
 "In fact, we hated udon. Talked about great erudition in side enthusiasts; (laugh).

 It is interesting what kind of opportunity you continue up to the present day in.
 When "we went to excellent chestnut of Saitama with wife and ate udon of shop which grandfather did by chance, it was with memory of family who avoided until now or was with event or floated like flashback. Udon is great, does superior food become time machine?"

 Particular Kato decides in hobby people to learn closing a deal udon. We seemed to pay frequent visits in couples if apprenticed if there was only grandfather of excellent chestnut even if declined with saying. Afterwards, we assert that hand does not fall out at all because we consist on the deep relationship with people including ex-customer whom free for half a year lent rent of shop before Kato whom restructuring included opens up Enza.

 We mixed wheat and water and salt with big ball while having such a talk, and the making of udon dough began. We can mass-produce if we take in mixers, but Kato assumes 80 meals of discerning limits a day to handmade product.

We are particular about local production for local consumption
We want to increase wheat fields in Nerima

 When, on regular holiday of Enza, Kato asks what is done
 "We go around local farmhouse and hear story and would appreciate your cultivating wheat. And we do closing a deal udon classroom and udon course at schools and. We may go to eat udon of another store for study"
 All is flooded with udon so as to laugh.

 "Wheat becomes bread and udon and steamed bun in Oh of processed food. Wheat considerably often results in being able to contribute for land. It becomes to move dust of spring strong wind if we cultivate. Elementary school adopting cultivation of rice for education thinks that wheat may be enough if it is a lot, but thinks about property of land. Children sow wheat and do treading barley plants, and the elderly tell child, and they do strawwork with communication tool beyond generation afterwards classroom of udon and bread after having harvested and…"
 Story of wheat does not run out. Is Kato who is particular about local production for local consumption, the souvenir soil method missionary more than frames of noodle shop?

 When we ask favorite place of Kato
 In "early summer, season to take in wheat is called the barley harvest season, but when wind blows, it streams with a rushing sound and comes back again. We shiver in a good way. Rice lowers head so as to grow, but we grow straight towards the sky, wheat loves the figure, too"
It is certain that edge connected by udon will further spread out from now on.

(January 28, 2007 update)

Seeds of fujimi wheat came back to the ground of Nerima by a certain relationship after an interval of 40 years.

Cushion which is colorful to chair of tree is pretty.

Seasonal sleet bread forest.
Bread (win) is meaning such as side dish.

Barbecued pork udon (radon) which homemade barbecued pork appeared in.

Noodles are made in this way every day.
Moisture and salt are weather and Kato's experience levels!

Kato who becomes hot when we talk about wheat and udon.

Enza entrance


Tomoharu Kato, Yuko

Tomoharu Kato, Yuko

Nerima's person which Kato was born and raised to Oizumi, and has never appeared. We open Enza on day of udon on July 7, 2002. While we study thing concerning udon, we concentrate power on production of wheat. Yuko supports the whole including reception of customer while being in charge of bread.

Musashi Nomoto closing a deal udon bunch
8-22-1, Shakujiidai
The first SUN-LIFE 105

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