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#011 Nerima animation meeting representative secretaries
Seiji Mitsunobu

Nerima is hometown of animation!
Nerima animation meeting
Background of start

 Nerima-ku is the Japanese long piece animation birthplace. Is 50 years from the birth this year, memorable age called Nerima-ku the 60th anniversary of independence! "We work out, and sputum animation carnival" is held for from 1 to 5 on August. We visited President Seiji Mitsunobu of studio skylark which acted as representative secretary of Nerima animation meeting prior to event.

 Vigor of a large number of creators reaches with pin when we enter the close new company Building, office at Nerima Station. Saying opening is saying "Nerima-ku is hometown of animation" most; Mitsunobu. With the reason….

 It is the origin that TOEI began production of animation for "Oriental Disney" in studio of Oizumi. It is 1962 that we launched insect production in Fujimidai when "pale blue-green snake biography" is completed in 1958, and Osamu Tezuka to see that wants to make own work with animation. First Japanese TV series "Astro Boy" was broadcasted in the next year. "Nerima is assent in hometown" of animation if we hear that studio which can be also known as two excellent things of Japanese animation is in Fujimidai with Oizumi for about 50 years!

 A lot of author and comic artists are living now in the Japan's biggest accumulation place with animation-related company more than 90 in ward. In July, 2004, 52 animation companies in ward gathered, and Nerima animation meeting started. Animation from Nerima begins to move President Mitsunobu as leader to the world let alone the ward inside and outside.

There is response in Annecy!
We work out, and sputum animation carnival is held

 "Annecy international animation Exhibition" was held in capital, Annecy of water in southern France in last June, and Japanese animations seemed to get high evaluation.

"Originally animation section of the Cannes Film Festival became independent, and is the largest for world animation Festival. Let alone EU countries, eight countries including Argentina and Russia exhibited this time. There is business talk society separately from film festival, and interview with company of 40-50 from three days dynasty to evening closely. Reputation of our work "Daddy strong man" was very good and felt response. In fact, saying it is only Nerima-ku that participated in this commerce-based festival from Japan; as for saying is; President Mitsunobu.

 Of "work out sputum animation carnival" that thought called - which wanted to send animation culture from Nerima was jam-packed asked Secretary General Kajikawa of Nerima animation meeting about contents on holding.

"We make Reiji Matsumoto of comic artist, Tetsuya Chiba and Shimizu Mali of the part of Astro Boy guest and are going to have you send message to Nerima-ku. For children popular character shows. We panelize step of & animation 50 years of the 60th anniversary of Nerima-ku and are released as history exhibition. You display cel or script, and please enjoy with nostalgia to everybody more than age"

From neutral viewpoint
Love to animation is blurred

 Both birth and the breeding are Mitsunobu called Nerima-ku Oizumi. It gets up at 5:00 a.m., and it does, and, in the days of child, it pedals bicycle, and is it with impressive memory that we caught crawfish in three treasures Teraike of Shakujii Park?

 Have your parents aimed at this world as animation producer since childhood?
"(laugh) that we do not like animation" and a cool word. "We understood importance well on the site because we saw parents who had a hard time. When this is not open" (laugh)

 In father being sick at the age of university student, and Mitsunobu falling down, and leaving the spot…. Mitsunobu seems to get president suddenly.
"Work that production of animation is very minute, and is steady. If progress was late and was not in time, naturally we stayed up all night and painted with color of cel myself. Anyway, we were desperate"
 On the other hand, as for the aspect that we were able to judge calmly as much as even animation enthusiast was not geek. At "time when we felt occlude feeling in process, we were able to work quickly at turning points from cel to digital. It was ten years ago, but was instant"

 When we visit about Japanese animation,
"French footballer including Zidane has a lot of people brought up on seeing "captain wing". As Japanese animation controls the life; saying is influential. More, for "full animation such as Disney, limited animation to limit the number of the tops in TV broadcast, and to express raised Japan's original technique. We draw 24 pieces of pictures on top for 1.24 seconds, but we narrow that for each 3 tops and describe eight pieces of paintings for one second, and technique changing picture efficiently beats its brains. Originally sense to deform including ukiyoe print and print is sensitivity only by Japanese"

 Oh, we think that we love animation without Mitsunobu, mistake! (laugh)

(July 25, 2007 update)

Capital, Annecy of water

State of Annecy international animation Exhibition

Streetlight animation banner of Nerima-ku decorates, too -In Annecy international animation Exhibition -

Secretary General Masaharu Kajikawa (the photograph right)


Seiji Mitsunobu

Seiji Mitsunobu

Studio Hibari, president of animation production company. Nerima animation meeting representative secretary who started in 2004. It is young president, but style of reciting is calm, and there is dignified presence. Which thought on animation is hot, and is slightly humorous.

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