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#Chairperson at 013 Nerima festival executive committees
Masao Yamamura

Nerima festival is 30 times in this year!
We appear in practice chairperson oneself flyer

 Annual "Nerima festival" counts 30 times in this year. We asked Chairperson at executive committee engaged in all plan, the administration of past Nerima festival deeply from the first time, Masao Yamamura.

 It is aggressive in mei**tatsu so that I do not think that Yamamura is 75 years old!
 It is tolerant that cozy festival office in Senkawa, Nerima-ku Street looks smaller (laugh).
 We are surprised to have you show flyer and poster which just came off the press promptly! We appear in the center of flyer of parade of the 60th anniversary of Nerima-ku independence in happy-looking King shrewdly.
 "This has various opinions. gahaha and very spirited Yamamura. Disposition to jump into festival event by oneself, and to enjoy overflows.
 "We made advertisement of various types this time. Now of the final stage saying when it is tough, it is said banzai this if do not do it only for festival well, as for made way of pressure only in the secretariat laugh by joke saying was.

We survive any trouble laughingly!
Weather asks for "Nerima festival"

 Yamamura having been engaged in Nerima festival first 42 years old (laugh) of what unlucky year. It "is sei igaattene that is in the 40s. That we undertook carelessly and followed to here.
 It seems to be just several times that Yamamura was not concerned in step of 30 years from "540,000, human being open space" that is forerunner of Nerima festival to after "inhabitant of a ward Festival" and current "Nerima festival". It will be that there were various hardships to come to here.
 "After all, we were in trouble in the rain. We refund in shop which cannot open a store because of rain, or there are various kinds in limited budget. When it rained three years ago, it was tough. Now as drainage was bad with quality of clay, it was in puddle, and carp was able to swim (laugh) in the area of large ground in the old days that became General Athletic Field"
 It was Yamamura who just laughed at any trouble.

 This year is 30 times of turning point. What kind of eyeball event will there be?
 "Of course, it will be "12 violinists". That; is famous…Brag, ano…It is group led by Chisako Takashima. As Nerima Cultural Center can accommodate visitor with 1500 people, it is great"
 Even if the name of young violinist does not come out, enthusiasm to submit to event is not ordinary.
 "Parade is great more, too! Though we call with high rank group which we praised in Asakusa samba carnival, it swells. Because if man sees, do not do if move; (laugh) and also open remark.
 In Nerima Station, the number of the people of getting on and off of these past several years per day seems to exceed 150,000, and Yamamura is when it is town where people can gather more.
 "It depends on weather afterward. We can provide the best place of Nerima. We think that it becomes the best event only if all gather!"

Breath more in the town of Nerima!
In viewpoint of consistent merchant
We go market today

 Parent and child three generations, mountain village family is raised in Nerima-born Nerima. We say that we were engaged in business consistently. We hand over shop of lady's fashion which we launched in Nerima to son and seem to be inherited as "pretty diamond" now. Therefore saying "everybody just usually know me if walk Nerima", is completely celebrity in neighborhood?
 When we visit favorite place to such Yamamura….
 "Shakujii Park may go whenever. After all, riverside cherry blossoms are wonderful. Is it the precincts of the Cock Fair that was idle in the days of first grader well afterward? There was tree of big gingko nut and played there well. We seemed to miss did you see street TV moattesa, ryokudosan?.
 "Nerima-ku tourist information center opened on August 31 if we said so. We think since we were able to do it with much effort that we should be able to emphasize charm of Nerima more. You increase the number of sale including "Nerikore" and "nerimano perfect gem 21" only in Nerima, and why don't you inform widely?
 Even merchant! It is sharp Yamamura of viewpoint to stare at market.
 "I will do anything! We came over in the spot principles to say this so far. It is wonderful town, but Nerima may become better. Therefore we should be able to be further improved if you can come for various people by the next Nerima festival"
 It will be to be able to meet Yamamura striding along the town of Nerima from now on in order to do market research positively.

(October 3, 2007 update)

One of the advertisements to be several kinds,
With General Athletic Field
Do bell and is programed stage

With Nerima Cultural Center
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Masao Yamamura

Masao Yamamura

For about 30 years, we act as practice chairperson of Nerima festival. The spot principles thorough from experience that did business consistently from youth. As for both parent and child three generations, birth and the breeding, native "Nerima's person" called Nerima devotes itself to idea collection to further activate our town, Nerima. Son is doing business with "pretty diamond" along Senkawa-dori St. in lady's fashion shop.

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