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#018 dogtooth violet instructors
Keiichi Koizumi, Eitaro Miyazawa

It is the one and only in Tokyo's 23 wards!
Dogtooth violet grows in colonies
"Shimizuyama Ikoinomori"

 Season to be able to enjoy flower of dogtooth violet approached this year. Dogtooth violet is seen well in hiking course or the Tohoku districts of Saitama, but only here, Shimizuyama Ikoinomori grow wild on a large scale in Tokyo's 23 wards and seem to grow in colonies. Therefore we heard story from Keiichi Koizumi and Eitaro Miyazawa of "dogtooth violet instructor" this time prior to full-scale flowering season.

 As flower of dogtooth violet had not bloomed yet, we showed in photograph. Oh, that, in such an imminent place in ward, gregariousness of such dogtooth violet is seen…We were surprised!

"Dogtooth violet is called "fairies of the early spring", and Koizumi is popular as flower telling coming of spring in northern countries. It is environment where dogtooth violets are easy to inhabit by chance as the sun is good in winter coolly here in the shade of a tree at grove of miscellaneous trees of Musashino in slope, summer facing north. Soon of Shimizuyama on day when fairies open six pieces of petals!"
 Shimizuyama Ikoinomori is one of 57 selections of Tokyo name springs. The moisture was necessary so that dogtooth violet grew up and was favorable conditions very much.

When is the first best time to see?
"We take data every year, but the end of March and early April is the almost best" Miyazawa
Koizumi "should be able to learn with cherry blossoms (Yoshino cherry tree) with the same time. We think that we can enjoy flower somehow until the middle of April"
 Miyazawa who takes out report of 2001 quickly while saying in this way. Rather than guide of dogtooth violet, it is feeling called researcher (laugh).

Is place seen in dogtooth violet in Tokyo only here?
"It can see in Miyazawa Akatsuka botanical garden and Chofu, deep large botanical garden of neighborhood, the Kiyose area, but it is only here alone that we grow wild in 23 wards such on a large scale, and bloom"
"Brag, this have not seen Koizumi. It is germination, baby of dogtooth violet! We call thread. We sowed children of Yasaka Elementary School and a little kinds in 2006, and that appeared. We sow this year. Dogtooth violet asks ant for seeding, but do substitute with children; "is ant project"
 You were able to show photograph which small bud like bean sprouts of bright yellow green dogtooth violet came to from nyoki and soil. Local children and such a wonderful field service are done. That it takes what 7-8 years before dogtooth violet blooms from kind! It is really valuable one stock that flower which we see spends long time, and survived.

This is dogtooth violet only in Shimizuyama! 
Own child who lavished great care
Without disparaging; ...?

 About 8,000 square meters, about half area are localities of dogtooth violet, and, as for the total area of Shimizuyama Ikoinomori, the number of the stocks is said to be about 300,000 stocks, and nearly half of them seem to have a heated by turns every year.

Koizumi, as for "the dogtooth violet here, most are thin crimson and light pinkness, but white flower may bloom in the inside. As that is rare, we are beautiful with neatness with popularity"
Miyazawa "but dogtooth violet blooming in the Tohoku districts is stronger. So person who looked at dogtooth violet in many places tells one of here, "color is light", "it is small". Somewhat as we were disparaged we have come crunch-crunch" (laugh)
 Is it state of mind of father found fault with to own child whom we lavish great care and brought up (laugh)?

Koizumi "there is study event of natural lover called "dogtooth violet summit", but say every year if is when friend of Iwate that participated "is refined dogtooth violet" on seeing this flower. Therefore "it is so, will be so!" (laugh) which said this"
 It is colored pink, and figure which is pretty in small size will be dogtooth violet only in Shimizuyama.

"Dogtooth violet instructor"…
Profound work to be able to learn by practice

 In Nerima-ku having come to manage forest of rest in earnest, member of in 1975 and tree planting cooperation system starts in 1978. Much tree planting activities begin, and is this with activity before two "dogtooth violet instructors?" It is done this work, and, as for Koizumi, Miyazawa seems to be the tenth year in the seventh year in this year.

Miyazawa "ten years have passed in no time soon while wanting to retire. Though it is story when photographer came for shooting of dogtooth violet before, we are photogenic when morning dew suffers from flower. Therefore the photographer hung down drop to dogtooth violet. Then wither away though you bloomed with much effort (laugh). Though we saw in silence because it was interesting"

 Dogtooth violet seems to be thing which withers away when water splatters. When it is rainy day and evening, we close petal. Only at the daytime when it clears we let petal warp like bonfire, and we look down, and to bloom. But we look down, and why will it bloom?
"Insect carrying stops by pollen, and it is said that it is easy to breathe back honey Koizumi. Dogtooth violet is Liliaceae, and there is floral design on the root one more, and six pieces of petals invite insects in this. When we have you see in flower toward the dogtooth violet sightseeing, we lend mirror with long handle as flower stalk compromises when we turn flower to the top. Oh, but do not use (laugh) in other purposes"
 It is popular name dogtooth violet mirror, wonderful idea!

 Finally…At place except flower of dogtooth violet, what kind of place do you like?
"We live in Asahicho, and therefore, after all, is Miyazawa Asahicho nohanno tree green tract of land 40 years? There are crawfish or dragonfly a lot at valuable place where there are Tokyo Rana brevipoda and Azuma toad, black line dragonfly of the family Aeschnidae"
Koizumi, "after all, is row of cherry blossom trees of local Oizumigakuen. Unlike dogtooth violet, cherry blossoms do not need to be the day (laugh). From the second floor of Okinawan cuisine restaurant nearby, we see cherry blossoms neatly. We take a walk and are the best when therefore we drink liquor"

 We are full of thought to want to take good care of dogtooth violet and want to continue watching thing in nature including imminent flower and creature…Koizumi and Miyazawa of naturalist that, posture is fully shown in private. To meet dogtooth violet instructor by all means in early April…No, we will go to see dogtooth violet. On warm day when it was fine!

*"Shimizuyama Ikoinomori/dogtooth violet information" is disclosed on homepage of Nerima-ku.

(March 3, 2008 update)

Germination of dogtooth violet.
On leaf which seems to be dogtooth violet in the second year
It seems to become.

Say albino; and inherent pigment
We were lost and whitened.
It is precious white flower called one in tens of thousands of stocks.

Floral design of the root of petal,
It is called mitsuhyo (honey guide),
We invite insects.


Keiichi Koizumi, Eitaro Miyazawa

Keiichi Koizumi, Eitaro Miyazawa

Keiichi Koizumi (the photograph left)
As dogtooth violet instructor the seventh year.
Environmental activity group, Oizumi The Midori-Kai Co.,Ltd.'s chairperson of Nerima-ku
We are living in Oizumigakuencho, Nerima-ku

Eitaro Miyazawa (the photograph right)
As dogtooth violet instructor the tenth year.
Representative of environmental activity group, Hikarigaoka eco-club of Nerima-ku
We are living in Asahicho, Nerima-ku

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