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#022, JA green leaves blueberry society's chairperson
Masanobu Takahashi

New famous spot of Nerima-ku
"Blueberry sightseeing farm" is born

 "Blueberry sightseeing farm" where Nerima-ku concentrated power on as part of tourist industry was born last year. What become base "JA Tokyo green leaves blueberry society" led by Shoetsu Takahashi. As for the member who was setup, three people in 2004 to now and 28 people. It is the opening of the park second year; picked, and, with season close at hand, visited Takahashi.

 What kind of idea would you come out of with blueberry in Nerima?
"We have customer enter field and want to make farm having you enjoy. From such thought, it started in society that blueberry was good. In addition, serious labor is necessary when farmland area is the largest, and Nerima-ku thinks about hands of farmhouse in 23 wards to maintain this. As customer arrives directly, and blueberry can pick, we are thankful for this, too (laugh). It feels that it is rewarded to have brought up carefully, and it is really glad that the freshest thing is sent, and smile of customer is seen"
Takahashi who lets face come unsawn in this.

 8 Land that opened is unexpectedly prosperous very much everywhere last year. In "berry garden" that Takahashi ran, there seemed to be from opening of the park of half past 8 a.m. in only 30 minutes on day when we provided signboard of "it was finished today". Perseverance and difficulty of all of societies should have been on the back.
"Farm products are different in growth state in climate and the soil. We ask expert cultivation method how there are many fruits and we go to other production centers and perform information exchange and sale, advertising method and study session. As blueberry is vulnerable to drying, we spread tip of tree all over the ground, and invention to install sprinkling tube is important to prevention of evaporation of moisture. In addition, it is in the shade, and fruit becomes hard to be brought up to branch of lower person when we do not prune properly because we like sunlight"
We work hard and bring up blueberry as if we totally watch growth of own child.

Joy of customer,
In energy of builder

 "Is it which came every time when we use for breakfast in customer and one which was near which does not come to blueberry hunting to Karuizawa though we went out? There was person surprised in this. We think that this must do the best more and yet more when said that thank you with smile from everybody"

 Tree of blueberry bears fruit by height approximately height of adult from the top to bottom. Therefore even small child can do knob collecting easily. Type of tree is classified roughly into rabbit eye and high Bush and is further divided into kind of several kinds. Pick each as crop time is different if cultivate several kinds of saplings; as for the period for 2-3 months.

As blueberry is approximately non-chemical, and "it is brought up, you can feel relieved. Ingredient called anthocyanin included in the inside seems to be good for health of eyes. Besides, as prevention of aging, beauty effect seem to be high, pick up, and eat happily, and is delicious, is good for the health! We advertise blueberry of Nerima positively, and the area will intend to plan event next year"
We are full of will in this.

 Is born and raised to Oizumi, and it seems to be the fourth generation of farmhouse, place in Nerima you like? 
"Toshimaen or Shakujii Park or place with green are good. There is memory to perform in Shakujii Park well, and to do crawfish fishing, and to have fallen into pond (laugh) in the days of child"

 16 garden is going to open sequentially this year from July. If scale spreads year by year, it may not be so far-off future story that "blueberry from Nerima" becomes famous.
As "Nerima inhabitant of a ward surpassed 700,000 people, all the blueberry of sightseeing farm is not picked and want you to come to a large number of people"

 So that wish of Takahashi comes true. Get up early in the summer; and of blueberry let's go to pick!

(July 1, 2008 update)

Signboard of Takahashi berry garden 1

Of plan next year open as for this
"Berry garden 2."
Tip and sprinkling tube of tree
Sapling which prevents drying, and is young
We are brought up well.

As of June 9 of coverage day
It was still blue fruit

Delicious blueberry
Art to distinguish,
Color is blackish as possible,
Fruits being easily produced when we pull
It is point. (state of 2007)

We were able to harvest so much.
(state of 2007)

Weigh fruit which picked up; and the check.
All gardens are 100 g, 200 yen.
(state of 2007)


Masanobu Takahashi

Masanobu Takahashi

Oizumi residence, the fourth generation of farmhouse, JA Tokyo green leaves blueberry society's chairperson, Takahashi berry garden owner. Next to "berry garden 1" that was born in (2007), we are going to open "berry garden 2" last year in (2009) of next year.

Of blueberry sightseeing farm
Person in charge of Nerima-ku urban agriculture
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