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#030 Nerima pickle party chairpersons
Koji Hirata, Masanori Nagai

The town of heart fair walking distance which we went along
We convey charm of Nerima!

 "nerimanoneri walk" is finally held for a limited time on March 18-24. Work out; what is walk? Person called this thinks that there is many, too, but it is one of the business of Nerima-ku tourist association which waits, and walks, and lays emphasis on sightseeing and has you guide local charm toward the hometown and says to have the good point realize. "Town walk tour guide training course" is opened a course in in the autumn of last year and guides while attendance students that we learned for half a year actually touch with customer. We heard story from Masanori Nagai of Koji Hirata and vice-chairperson who acted as executive committee's chairperson.

 At first, please tell motive that attended tour guide training course.
 "Do not be conscious when you have been doing office worker life for many years that it is Nerima inhabitant of a ward that it is Tokyo residents (laugh). If retire, and do not take unfair advantage of weakness of oneself, do not go, saying because children were taken care of by Nerima-ku, think that is what, or should be able to be useful; Hirata.

 Nagai "participated in the making of elderly person guidebook of Nerima-ku and we waited in friend and own way at the time and were doing walk. As it received invitation to course in such an occasion, is it relationship that timing was good to study at this opportunity?

 Having learned in course? To ask of this, Hirata "it is necessary to talk to friend in what do by hiking of hobby in course, and do at technical point, and oneself knows. But "we parade" is not so. Rather we like Nerima! If it was important to convey thought to say this, we learned.
 Nagai as "had been living in Hikarigaoka for many years, intended to know well, but recognized some other time when did not often know when walked in group. A person's viewpoint is interesting in each!"

 Toshio Kitani who acts as lecturer as far as whenever "repeat times, attendance live enthusiasm is sublimed, too, and is reliable. As parading becomes the collected studies of attendance life, we say, we want you to enjoy with customer with smile. Several attendance straight 30 made use of expertise and told and we waited and waited for the material and included pride, and we worked out to work out, and attractive course was completed.

Work out; the powerful charm of walk
We want to connect in the future

 Work out, and course of walk is all; eight. In area of Oizumi, Shimizuyama, Shakujii Park, Shakujii, Tobunerima, Senkawa water supply, Nerima, Hikarigaoka, it is town walk of about two and a half hours each. Ahead of holding, I would like PR to everybody.

 "Thought will be different in people each, but there are some good points even if Nerima goes where. Adopted heart of hospitality well, and was not explanation that just talked, and was over, and showed associated photograph, and impressed, and was alone, and many visitors profited, want to participate again! Saying want to be able to think of this; Hirata. There seems to be newer discovery from interchange with people and person and grows pleasure.

 Anyone made Shakujii Park and voice to be able to enjoy even with Hirata, Nagai through one year when we visited favorite place to two of authority of hometown. As there are other a lot of favorite spots, please ask if you parade and meet!
 Entrance fee of "nerimanoneri walk" is 500 yen per person. It is perfect opportunity to know deep Nerima with one coin. We look forward to participation of many people!

(February 28, 2009 update)

"Town walk tour guide training course"
Of this for each middle of December, team
Announcement of guide course was carried out.

State of walk exercise
(Oizumi area)

State of walk exercise
(Hikarigaoka area)

State of walk exercise
(Senkawa water supply area)

State of walk exercise
(Shimizuyama area)

State of walk exercise
(Tobunerima area)

Nagai who says adjustment to be diligent, and to become too much varied, and to put before time to convey thought with each team, we seem to have had a hard time.


Koji Hirata, Masanori Nagai

Koji Hirata, Masanori Nagai

Koji Hirata (the photograph right)
It is resident in Oizumigakuen for 30 years. Outdoor group running fair to enjoy local about 90 friends and walking, hiking, mountain climbing, ski from approximately ten years ago. We experience pilgrimage of Shikoku three times and are possessed the charm.

Masanori Nagai (the photograph left)
Is from Osaka, but take root in Hikarigaoka; and 15 years. Is engaged in making of elderly person guidebook "*gakujin (yuratto) nerima" of Nerima-ku, and launch member and "*gakujinkai" afterwards, as for the attachment for Nerima unusually. We bring photograph which "we work out, and photograph photographed in walk" by hobby by oneself and are going to utilize in everywhere.

List of Nerima's person