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#050 "restaurant olives" chef
Yoshihiro Kinuwa

Nerima vegetables are sweet!
Trouble and technique making use of material

 Straight production center of vegetables which are eminent in Tokyo speaking of Nerima. "Nerima vegetables gyoza eat the way campaign" using cabbage from Nerima of from November 11 to December 20 hold for a limited time! 15 stores in ward participate and can taste original Nerima vegetables gyoza. We heard secret of taste from restaurant olives chef, batter ring (we come and sew) who provided Italian gyoza which gave off uniqueness in that!

 "It is flat, and checkmate the pickpocket body of prawn and cabbage and green onion from Nerima to ravioli dough which we lengthened and it is bite-sized and cuts. We make consomme for seven hours and are completion if we put sauce of prawn on flavor charge account. Chemical seasoning is not necessary if we put effort. As we are to attach Nerima pickle, we attach pickles in our restaurant. Of course we use vegetables from Nerima!"

 Trouble time or figure Italian gyoza was finished to specialty special dish. We say that it is art that draws "sweetness" of vegetables from Nerima.

 "We use vegetables from Nerima for dishes except gyoza, but are doing invention to draw all sweetness. For example, after having boiled, as for the broccoli, sweetness stands out when we cool with air conditioner and round fan at a stretch and is delicious enough even if we just eat. Cabbage covers with salt and splashes water, but there is sweetness in rock salt than salt"

 Kinuwa who understands "technique to make use" of in material. Those techniques acquired by experience in the ascetic practices era and the chef times of 28 years.

 "Freezing technology advanced, and part of meat arrived for each block, but beef which was just done just reached half of the length in old days now. "Nothing is over that anymore!" We use up to limit called this. Such an experience increases withdrawals. The life as cook is because it is over if we regret trouble time"

 By human hand, we take "trouble" literally without leaving to machine. Even if it is the convenient world, people may not grow up when they are doing taking the ease.

We convey cook's foundations
Hot, severe instruction

 It is about this September that Kinuwa took office as chef. It was request from olives owner who was regular customer of shop. These olives are restaurants for the purpose of "person with a disability working shift support". While user (in working people with a disability) works, we acquire technique and are shop doing help to find workplace.

 "Several users work, and member of job guidance is supporting now on side. As Mainichi is "live", our industry is not recoverable if they make a mistake and offend customer. If this is the next workplace, we may be fired. Therefore we instruct me strictly. We may be afraid secretly" (laugh)

 Because user can live all in strict instruction by own power. In strictness, true gentleness peeps out.

 "But circumstances of this shop are unrelated to customer. Customer just wants to eat delicious dishes. Therefore we raise cost price rate and are particular about taste. We were glad that we were told "to have had delicious Italian after a long absence" by customer the other day. As, as for this work, evaluation of customer is all"

 "We think that it is mission that conveys technique that I have in the young staff. For example, we can learn only from that even if we work in shop which just defrosts freezing thing. Only work to heat throughout the life is over without being able to do it. It is the basics as cook that is "model" that wants to tell. How to get fatty meat of meat, lowering of fish…Because we work anywhere if we know nado, basics"

 Kinuwa who is filled with confidence "that a word word understands if he/she eats." In one month when he took office as chef, sales seemed to double. One of the taste is tongue of everybody by all means; kaku tortoise!

(November 5, 2010 update)

Nerima vegetables gyoza
Eat the way; cover of map

We exhibited at Nerima vegetables gyoza pride meet
Ravioli gyoza and pickles of confidence product

Kinuwa who announces confidence product
(state of Nerima vegetables gyoza pride meet)

The making of brick is stylish
The appearance is mark

The shop of atmosphere that was quiet, and was settled down

There is counter seat, too,
Even one is easy to enter

There is sofa seat, too,
It is relaxing relaxedly

From hometown, Yawatahama, Ehime
Fresh ingredients
It is cheap and stocks

We make delicious thing,
We work with all,
Getting salary
It is said that it is joy of user


Yoshihiro Kinuwa

Yoshihiro Kinuwa

We are born in long-established store of Japanese dishes lasting 120 years in Yawatahama-shi, Ehime in 1954 and go around market about parent since childhood. After graduating from cooking school, we find work in rare Italian restaurant in those days. After the ascetic practices of several years, we open shop in hometown, Yawatahama-shi. After having acted as chef for 28 years, we turned into chef of restaurant olives of Nerima. Favorite place is Shakujii Park. It is "place that is good to being able to blow on book in contemplation to one hand".

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Restaurant olives

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