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#052 studio "round tiles" master
Masaru Ueno

We longed in the days of child
We draw fascinating Edo color woodblock print kite

 Large kite which soars up into blue sky which cleared up of the New Year. It is beautiful charming sights only in Japan. We asked Yu Ueno who succeeded fascinating Edo kite which appeared on sky especially clearly for original sensitivity in the present age, and created about charm of the making of kite.

 The sum kite in Tagara, Nerima-ku, Edo kite studio "round tile." Fascinating harmony among Seven Deities of Good Luck kite who got on the Treasure Ship on wall was decorated when we set foot in production room. Very happy masterpiece.

 "Picture on a kite is decided to undergo mendicant book, the Seven Deities of Good Luck, Kintaro, subject including picture of samurai in combat from the old days. We create how you can give there expression of the moment in spite of being thought. This "wave rabbit is old subject, too", but varies by movement of wave, size of month, rabbit's way of flying, author including color of the sky

 I see, rabbit which flies in the waves which undulate backed by the red moon when we compare picture of two pieces of wave rabbits. Placement is the same, but, let alone movement of expression and body of rabbit, rough weather condition of wave, view of the world changes at all whether island is described in the distance, or I am not.

 "kidene which liked describing painting was good and has described since childhood mimicking soe of magazine. There was time when we aimed to learn painting in earnest, but felt limit in ability, and it was to the staff of credit association. Still it is attracted by picture on a kite which it is not stopped describing painting and saw accidentally in former kanaa, shijisaki more than 30 years"

 When "we were tired from overtime work every single day, we drew picture on a kite. You take finished kite to regular customer, and display. Stop because you are annoying to wife! It is pattern that is toka gen me" (laugh)

 Such Ueno who was like this, and would finally devote himself/herself to fictionization at turning point in 12 years ago. We use properly by use including kumatorihitsu and cut brush strokes in now, but say that we described in self-education without knowing even type of brush really in those days. It is said that paintbrush for arts and crafts of child still comes nicely about ray, this of hair straight. It is right the skill of adroitness!

Beauty of Edo kite
We inherit for own skill and sensitivity

 Completeness thinks even picture on a kite to be high, but Ueno is just particular about "kite". We put effort with awful time, and the posture to be all particular about handcrafting is not odd.

 Paper uses high quality Japanese paper "Nishinouchi Japanese paper" which was used for "large Japanese history" that Mitsukuni Tokugawa edited in the old days. Paint is transparency picture in watercolors paint of horubein company. We use only part with elasticity of dried common Japanese bamboo for framework more than one year.
 While "words are said to father of bamboo house knob and knob are long, and by one finds out thin high quality bamboo of skin of from the depths of shop" (laugh)

 We exert the best power that there is now and build up one article. It rises and is full of pride and faith as craftsman. This beautiful kite wants to look at state fried high in the sky, but artistry is too high, and it is a waste…We think of, carelessly!

 "We fried with child in old days, but we are alone now in place where nobody is, and, as for the courage to fry, there are none. It is thought that it is strange father (laugh). But we make because we think that we fry kite and enjoy so that it is for admiration, and even kite of purchasing flies all. Paper is strong, too, and bone is flexible, too, and lobworm swells in a good balance, too. When line is equal, it is fried even if there is not foot"

 Other than kite selling, we accept original order. With wishes such as birthday, passing prayer, business prosperity. Charactered kite which wrote the name including "(get nervous) to pass in the school of choice" "to gain fame" is pleased to be lucky.

 "We continue creating from now on until we die. Only, at that time, we want to continue always evolving picture not to be able to draw" 
 Ueno of openhearted, warm personality. Finally we received hot disposition as craftsman well.

(December 28, 2010 update)

The Seven Deities of Good Luck (the Treasure Ship)

Dynamism is different in the same subject

The south total 8, Satomi dog biography picture.
In all a brief note
We put hair

Common Japanese bamboo which becomes framework of kite
We sharpen one by one.
We seem to know balance just to have seen

We were not seen now
Six angles of spools.
It is produced by yourself

We regulate tension of thread
Parts called "top."
This is handmade, too

Classic footman kite

Miniature kite.
Precision to tickle collector feeling

After having worked on production by fight with real swords,
To pet dog chocolate
We have you heal


Masaru Ueno

Masaru Ueno

It was born in Nerima-ku for 1,949 years. The sum kite, Edo kite studio "round tile" (as for cold) master. We are charmed by picture on a kite which we came across for the office worker era and begin fictionization. Thereafter, more than 30 years, we improve the skill by self-education and devote ourselves as kite craftsman for 12 years. One of now a little handmade Edo kite craftsmen. Work is accepted and is playing an active part in various quarters including company including TV show! That it is raised in Nerima, and favorite place of Ueno loving Nerima likes "Shakujii Park, three treasures Teraike" lotus and time when fist blooms particularly.

The sum kite, Edo kite studio "round tile"

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