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#058 Nerima broadcast representatives
Kentaro Takumi

We know simply because we are not from
Good point and potential of Nerima

 Takumi of representative of "Nerima broadcast" that we work on to prepare community FM into Nerima. From present, every Sunday 10:00 of live program "work out, and is raw! While performing Internet radio including sundae, days when are hectic in various event participation and sales. We established long-cherished exclusive studio in Sekicho in this May.

 "Acquaintance of supplier specialized in spot remover called out at the time of independence. Is radio station living together with spot remover shop only here in the world?…(laugh). We wandered the ward from place to place with machine parts, but, after all, there should be base so far. We present and reach live broadcasting of every week and can come for visit with child and there is reaction and is glad"

 In the first place Nerima broadcast is any group which stood in several volunteers in 2009. But Takumi is from Saitama. Why would you be based in Nerima?

 "We liked radio from the old days and did indie of mini-FM program. But house of friend who gathered was not usable every week, and it was to move to halfway point where all were easy to gather. That was Minamitanaka by chance. Those days, speaking of "Nerima, is Toshimaen? But is it Toshima-ku?" There was only kuraino knowledge (laugh). We did not just think that we said Nerima Nerima so much in those days!"

 Feelings to Nerima of Takumi are things of equivalency in being land where we came across in chance!

 In "city, it is the country moderately moderately. The reason why there are many children is that there is good thing, and Nerima hides potential. But nothing knows own area outside for each line as characteristics are different and…When it is what a waste! In Nerima, shi tteiketaranato thinks radio to be as tool of image dispatch to be good place. Is good, and Ramos and foreign player such as Tulio love Japan more than Japanese, but I want to become "Tulio of Nerima", too;

School days when we were relieved by radio
We want to repay the radio's kindness!

 Takumi not to stop even how many hours if we let you talk about soccer, railroad and radio other than Nerima. We sail up meeting point with his radio in the days of student.

 "Originally it is the junior high school era that parents liked radio, but fitted in. Midnight broadcasting of "pork cutlet wide of Kazumi Saito" was opportunity. I suffer asthma, and cannot often go to school in those days. He/she is about to talk towards oneself even in such a case if we switch on without changing…. Face is existence of elder brother in what we do not know, too. We were encouraged many times by the security, and we were helped. When program was over, we have cried in front of radio and cassette player. Thanks to this program, we noticed that good point unlike TV was to radio. Many people who are with present 30s or less of think to be "TV that radio does not have picture", but go. It has another charms, and there is power that continued history of oldest 80 years in the media of electric wave. By conveying that, I want to repay radio's kindness"

 It was great earthquake disaster of 3.11 that he with hot thought to radio felt power of radio again.

 "On the day I was in Yokohama by work, but family and friend walked home to portable radio set one hand for one feeling called worry to Nerima for six hours. When you listen with one dry cell for hours, and, after all, do not rely on radio which you are easy to carry. We are reliable if there are any the media which reports the situation as a word is enough at the same time when "Nerima is ◯◯ now"…We felt this to be strong. After that we thought that overall sense of values in Japan changed, but people who heard story of Nerima broadcast than before increased on that day even if we did business. We may be imprudent, but may be time of chance for radio. Triggered by this, speaking of "Nerima, we want to try so hard that we have you say "Nerima broadcast speaking of Nerima" almost as same as animation, daikon"

 We make FM radio station before Toshimaen and take galaxy prize…That is big aim of the life! Hot tone like boy who talked about dream in this was impressive. We wait expectantly for opening of an office of Nerima FM!

(August 1, 2011 update)

Studio exclusive in Sekicho
We opened!

We held on June 25, 2011
We broadcast "potetomatsuri" live.
As for the exhibition of event,
It is important PR activity!

Of main personality
TAKAHA-C is from Hokkaido.
Relation that got to know by correspondence for school days

From primary schoolchild,
"It is voice same as listening on radio!"
As for what is surprised at in this

On table of cafe machine parts
Live broadcasting that we bring in!
With "monthly Kacce"
Collecting scenery of collaboration program

Microphone and mixer,
Such as speaker, PC
Make full use of machine parts; and radio program
We are made

From expression, it is mild and is spirited
Personality is handed down


Kentaro Takumi

Kentaro Takumi

It was born in 1980 and is from Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama. We are living in Nishioizumi, Nerima-ku. After experiencing the sound staff of TV, we are working for broadcast equipment sales company now. That it was favorite radio enthusiast that talked, and all the work decided to listen for one mind to "want to approach radio", too. Weekdays are Nerima broadcast and busy days on work, the weekend. Scenery of gas tank and Hikarigaoka housing complex of Tanihara looking from train that favorite place runs in outside track of the Seibu Ikebukuro Line up. We seem to think that it is, "it is like that and is Nerima" when we see this.

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