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Wahei Ryu (ryuwahei)

With posture that important one always learns
Cook heartily

 Campaign of "Nerima vegetables gyoza" using cabbage from Nerima starts in November! We had Liu from home China appear in chefs of Bai Juyi who participated in campaign from last year.

 "Thank you, Nerima vegetables gyoza receives high evaluation from customer. Recipe releases using common ingredients to be able to make at home, but is that one different from house uses secret sauce"

 Characteristic of Bai Juyi style gyoza who talks so giving flavor with egg which we fried in oil. kanshin sauce of "secret" using fermentation tofu increases depth in the taste. Point that there may be many woman customers and it increases numbers as much as we lowered and is one size glad of a feeling of discount of with six 500 yen this year!

 "Cabbage from Nerima is strong in sweetness and moisture and is brisk. We are doing invention to do boiling, salt fir tree, and to leave texture for to match gyoza. Garnish is pickled daikon from Nerima. As we want to use Nerima radish, but the truth is not available…(laugh). In the first place motto has much material from hometown, and our hotel adopts local coherence"

 We make use of good point only in hotel where Japanese, Western, Chinese gathered and seem to hold study session across the department. We serve Chinese food in Western style and we use ingredients of the sum and use Chinese sauce for western dishes and…. Dishes across the border of taste are popular for banquet.

 "Person in charge of Japanese dishes comes to see when we open Chinese cooking class and is interesting. On the contrary, on seeing Japanese dishes, oneself often learn. As posture to see, and to learn is always important. Place that Japanese dishes do not disturb color and taste of ingredients and value is good"

 We can make various studies and are fun! Enthusiasm for work is transmitted through this in blooming figure.

 "It is important, but wants to tell having top priority "heart" to young person let alone technique. We do not have delicious thing when we do not cook even the same dishes heartily. We tend that cheap thing is pleased with and it is cheap and should be delicious recently. The balance is difficult, but thinks that but, at first, it is what we cook for heart"

Wonton which melted with toro and tongue
Taste of father who soaked in brain 

 Liu who father was cook of dim sum, and was brought up on seeing the back. We seemed to come to think that it was natural when we would become cook if we became adult.

 "It soaks in brain and, in the days of elementary school, cannot forget taste of wonton which father cooked. toro and that handmade taste to melt…We worked in various shops, but have not come across that taste so far. It does not become same even if we imitate by oneself. In there being oneself today's, that taste may be opportunity. When we just started work, it seemed to be uneasy, but father was pleased when we did for 2-3 years, and there came to be"

 Liu who did taste of father on chest distantly to Japan. What is good point of Nerima that we looked at from such Liu?

 "We lived in Ikebukuro, but Nerima is far only a little with the downtown area and should be quiet first though it is convenient. The neighbor distributes vegetables, too and, with everybody kindness, thinks that it is good. We like going the Shakujii River to Shakujii Park on the run by bicycle. As for the season of cherry blossoms in particular, we are very beautiful. We did not know that cherry blossoms were such beautiful until we visited Japan as Japan did not have cherry blossoms in China"

 It is said that will of returning home did not have the back of the Great East Japan Earthquake at all. Because reason has neighborhood and fellow worker to be able to assist and "is not alone."

 Though "it could become tumultuous, we were surprised to calm down while it was uneasy on seeing state that helped each other of Japan. Chinese tourist visits hotel commonly now. As for "the anxiety in particular, few Japan is good!" to talk Customer says this"

 "Heart" of Liu yearning for Japan may be the secret of taste loved across border.

(November 1, 2011 update)

Of Nerima vegetables gyoza
Eat the way; cover of map.
Please eat your way a lot!
The details are this

By gyoza guide at hotel
There seem to be many coming customers

Hotel cadenza Hikarigaoka
Stylish urban hotel.
On the front left side on the first floor
There is Bai Juyi
(photo courtesy:
Hotel cadenza Hikarigaoka)

Entrance of Bai Juyi

The calm shop.
There is private room, too

Cherry blossoms and three treasures Teraike of Shakujii Park.
Liu in Nerima-ku
It is very favorite place

With "God as for the customer"
Liu who has been told.
It is honest for careful correspondence
We can ask about performance


Wahei Ryu (ryuwahei)

Wahei Ryu (ryuwahei)

It was born in 1960 and is born and raised in Chinese Wuhan City. Father is craftsman of dim sum and visits Japan after study in China in 1985 for eight years and works in central Chinese restaurant (Ikebukuro) for several years. In 1998, it is provoked by chef at the time and moves to Hotel cadenza Hikarigaoka together. In 2003, we take office as chef of Bai Juyi. We begin to live in Nerima, and five years pass.

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