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#063 Yoshida garden teachers
Hiroyasu Yoshida

Sense of accomplishment to prune one tree beautifully

 Japanese tradition, kadomatsu to make with strong pine and bamboo of vitality. House has a meaning called Iyo (do more) to receive, and god controlling a zodiacal year is displayed at the entrances such as house or company. Yoshida of gardener received orders of regular customer from charges of father and continued making kadomatsu every year.

 "We cross three bamboo and put in the bucket we decide in mud (hardening) are masu. What put pines approximately 100 together around, and be prepared in 7 steps, and let go around matting "put pine." Putting one pine in stone block, and driving the first timber floating of the year, and stopping "daimatsu." We make both with one pair of right and left"

 As for the kadomatsu, there is house to order when there was felicity including rebuilding again every year ordered. As for the work, center around two weeks are peaks in December. As for staying up all night as it is work after we come back from yard work of main profession…. As we start delivery when Christmas is over, the end of the year is hectic!

 So that as it "is the second of three brothers that inherited business, and it is said that nobody inherits, then oneself does…. We decided at the age of high school student and advanced to technical school. To be frank, we did not think that job of gardener was so great (wry smile). We work every morning until day goes down by getting up from 8:00 at 6:00. We often use railroad tie of track which we ordered for partition walls of garden recently from foreign countries. It may be tasteful in old materials, but, as for 80 kilos, handling of there being is serious at 2 meters…"

 We can hear difficulty of heavy labor from robust build to understand from work clothes. But Yoshida who it is that it is talked with smile while saying, and seems to be never hard at all. Just repay trouble, let's be because is worthwhile?

 "There is sense of accomplishment just to prune one tree, and to finish neatly. Furthermore, we are the gladdest if we have you please with customer in that"

 Sincere posture for work does not change on holiday either. Eyes seem to go to just garden to take a rest even if we walk town.

 "We steal good place of garden of "we will arrange how to use this material this time" other place. It is study every day recently as we let ivy coil itself, and there are many orders for yotei. We do not force own preference and make thing which fitted request of customer and want you to please. But there copes with adaptation to circumstances as there is person called entrusting you. Whether it is not place different from stubborn father (laugh) as for the flexibility"

Eyes to look at became same as father

 Yoshida who learned practice with father after having learned the basics of landscape gardening in technical school. Father is so-called craftsman spirit. We told nothing and were type "that we saw and learned".

 It "was said that it is, "we can do it as school appears", but it is not revealed how we may cut branch first. We asked craftsman of senior and we made own one somehow, but, after all, were hard to ask father"

 How many years would it be that we felt you if full-fledged?

 "Will it be the 15th year? When we laid stone, father said nothing. Oh, we thought sense ninaretandana same as father whether at last you were able to become to an adult. Stone has the front, but does not know the beginning at all. We acquired experience and knew. Correct answer did not have even the pruning of tree with so many men, so many minds and was place where there was interesting, but became glad when eyes to look at were the same as father when it was when "it was correct"

 "Oneself became boss, but, after all, came to just mind movement of other craftsmen like father. Younger brother participates in business for five years, but is said, "the way of work is similar to father"; (wry smile)

 Father who it is father, and is boss may be one of aim of Yoshida. By the way, what kind of memory will Yoshida who was born and raised in Tagara have in Nerima?

 As "Grant apartment house was near, we creep in across fence and we are caught and get yelled at (laugh) and. We entered underground and have played whether it was air-raid shelter trace. It was fun for child at fresh place"

 To craftsman that naughty boy of Nerima is excellent now. He/she seems to send feeling that kadomatsu which Yoshida made is good for the New Year, and is positive together! We can look at kadomatsu in north Toshimaen driving school and Kyorin University.

(December 28, 2011 update)

Add height in branch of pine
We cut and prepare

Around three bamboo
We wind with pine as 7 steps

Bind five times of tops, lower seven times with rope
Fix in tying manner of a string
We tighten matting (crowded)

Of height approximately human height
"It approaches pine" is completion!
Making even with symmetry
It seems to be difficult

Expression of "artlessness"
Good Yoshida

"daimatsu" is personal home
It is used well

Waist tool from the left
Folding saw,
Pruning shears, pruning shears.
And it is tsu sukuri needle by rope
We handle most yard work

With finger-tip which turned black by pine nicotine
In bony stout hand
We feel "craftsman" to be


Hiroyasu Yoshida

Hiroyasu Yoshida

In 1969, we are born and raised in Tagara. First class landscape gardening certified technician. We enter technical school (landscape gardening green tract of land engineering department) to inherit "Yoshida garden" of the parents' house. We learn pull of sketch and drawing, the basics of design. After the graduation, we study with father. We are supporting business with younger brother and two people as boss now for the second generation. We enter Nerima landscape gardening association and are stimulated by contacting rival person, and it is said that the spirit of self-advancement increased. Athlete that hobby digests golf and jet ski in outdoor.

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