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Reiji Matsumoto

Daring boyhood
Mysterious fate with Nerima, Oizumi

 Great writer known as many masterpieces including "Galaxy Express" "captain Hurlock!" It was connected to Nerima "where we had begun to live in by introduction of editorial department" by mysterious edge accidentally.

When "father started for his new post in Iruma airport in Pilot of the old army, it flew about on Nerima. It seems to be father that landed at airport that was in Narimasu first"

"House of today's Oizumi is division of 1938, and I am born age. In the inside where is full of fields, it is atelier several houses of painter in those days. It is land where artists gather for some reason. TOEI studio and Makino memory garden are near accidentally. As we made illustrated book of Dr. Tomitarou Makino material when we created comics since Ogura had, we felt strange relationship. As for the will to leave Nerima, here is home of shu without all!"

 Teacher who talks about "Nerima love" in this hot. The origin dates back to boyhood.

"We attacked vespiary out of single-minded desire to eat honey and hachinoko. We hang without knowing being poisonous snake and return and catch fish which is to sinking ship and…. Probably because, as for the liquor, teacher "cannot take my cup!" at the time of second grade at an elementary school What was made to swallow this up beginning (laugh). We are good endlessly if we drink though we do not usually drink"

 It gives life to all the experiences of such good old days in work as "reference materials". Dynamic legend continues when we work for keeping all-night vigil for 3-4 days even after becoming comic artist!

For "the rooming house era, mushroom grows in underwear (laugh) and. As it matched illustrated book when "edible", we put in the instant noodles and let Mr. Tetsuya Chiba eat. What said, "is delicious" violates, and eat; (laugh)

After "having written "Galaxy Express" for five times, we left for Africa to fight a deal with lion (laugh). When it was said to be the close if we did not become popular, but came home, serialization was decided"

"Do not cry, and there are mother, me!"
To carry family on the back, to way of comic artist

 Mr. Matsumoto who reached the comic artist 60th anniversary in 2,013 years. Reason that wanted to be comic artist was to feed family unexpectedly.

"Do not cry, and, on seeing "figure that mother grits tooth by poor life to peddle vegetables, there are mother, me!" in child feeling Blood of man burnt in this. That mind does not have and carries family on the back to play"

"We wanted to actually go to university. But I must protect the whole family anymore as we began serialization. We will let younger brothers go to university! We decided this"

 We do not return even if we die! It just graduated from high school was prepared for it in this, and to have jumped onto train to Tokyo; at the age of 18.

"We entrusted Tetsuro Hoshino of "Galaxy Express" with the thought. There was not meteru next to me (laugh). Life may include such a lifetime decision in anyone once"

 Thus, Matsumoto who has begun to walk way of comic artist.

As much as "senior is great, you draw different thing and must establish own style. As imitation was the biggest humiliation, we paid scrupulous attention to one line. Coined words such as person's name or the place name check all the etymology so that any country and denomination do not have rudeness"

"By the way, we put meteru from "meteru" which meant Mother in Latin. emerarudasu from emerald. This is because it thought that it is red jewel that clothes are red" (laugh)

 Place that is slightly playful in this is humanity of teacher! Is it the charm reason that says that we were blessed with friends?

"We hated to lose and worked as a lot of bloody quarrels. But when is a graduate, "can carry through your faith by all means. When believe; as for if is; write messages and. We fly if such a friend is still important, and there is anything!"

 On the other hand, we attended various parting.

"Most of comics friends who made will together went away from active play. Therefore I have that I must do it still more. There is plan elaborating a plan as for several!"

 In succession to thought of family and friend, eyes of teacher talking about dream are still like boy shiningly. "Voyage" of the life without bound does not seem to have the end.

(November 1, 2013)

"Animation project in
Oizumi 2013"
The painting 60th anniversary of Mr. Matsumoto
In commemorative talk show
A large number of people flocked

Of yumeteru mall
Newly written work of Mr. Matsumoto!

Himiko of Tokyo sightseeing steamship.
It is Mr. Matsumoto that designed.
Younger brother, Masaru Matsumoto of doctor of engineering
We are in charge of design.
Collaboration that is, so to speak, brother!

Design train is running!
(Seibu Ikebukuro Line)
©Leiji Matsumoto,
SEIBU Railway Co.,LTD.

Eco-car of "Galaxy Express"
Public car of Nerima-ku.
As for the scale model
We sell by mail order

Home of teacher
Goods and materials overflow
Gold mine is right in a state!

We had signature! 
By the way, meteru,
It is ideal woman of teacher


Reiji Matsumoto

Reiji Matsumoto

It was born in Kurume, Fukuoka for 1,938 years. Nerima-ku honor inhabitant of a ward. We face the end of the war at 7 years old and are brought up in Kokura. As for Ogura at the time, there was 31 building in movie theater, and it affected the sensitivity in boyhood that a lot of bookstores were the ground of culture and study that there was major newspaper publisher. Ancestors are blood relationships of samurai family in Ehime. Pilot, mother of old army Airlines corps were teachers of girls' school, and father swung Japanese halberd around. In the middle of seven brothers, bond of relative is strong. We go to Tokyo at 18 years old. We lodge in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku and live and interchange with well-known comic artist and move to Oizumi afterwards. We name "self-styled three major animation enthusiasts" with Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori, and there is time devoted to study of animation. We acted as the original total setting in open movie "captain Hurlock" in 2013 and achieved overseas expedition of each country. Which "space does not have border" cooperates with space development in motto in "we will become all "earthian" in the future". Wife is comic artist, too.

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