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#087 comic story tellers
Kokin Yanagiya

We talk with late teacher for heart
Existence still learns most densely

 When Kitamachi variety hall was in variety hall which could go in elderly person casually in neighborhood, it began 11 years ago. It is comic storyteller, Kokin Yanagiya living in Nerima-ku that acts as stage. He/she provides happy time in Kitamachi art plaza every time on the third night of Saturday in odd month.

"It is warm variety hall only in Nerima where organizers cooperates by working without pay. If there is difficulty such as spreading cushion all over, venue making frame of stage, variety hall consists"

 In this, it is small kinsan representing appreciation.

"Yanagiya school has words of Kosan teacher in the origin for the fourth generation to "become thing, comic storyteller named heart wickedness". In human being that we are faithful, and heart is good whom even fool is good" for

"For example, we do not get yelled at even if we fail in action that we yearn for teacher. But we mention the wrath if we hide and cut corners. Why is it seen through? This is because it did the same thing in one's youth (laugh) as for the teacher"

 It is proverb not comic storyteller shockingly.

If "teacher is angry, at first, it is kneeling. We sense what you expect only by silence, movement of eyes when you should fall silent. In that way we learn power to sense air in a good way. We can put on power to turn air in the body if it can happen"

 In traditional severe master and pupil relations, teaching of ancient people is jam-packed. In addition, interchange across the school is prosperous now, too. We seem to have possibilities to ask teacher to "want to learn this talk" directly.

"You say three times of lessons, and please tell rakugo of teacher only once a day. On the third day, we do it in front of teacher and have you put lesson, such "a very thin interpretation is prohibited". You must not change into selfishness because it is rakugo that we devote ourselves and succeeded" to

 Respect to classic…. It is feeling of awe to teacher that is in the root. We say to mind that there is always teacher.

"My teacher reaches 10 anniversaries of death, but we die and it is after and thinks many things to learn more. It "was such a meaning to have said at that time" often results in noticing very. In any field, as for everybody, there is teacher in heart to first-class person. We do not get a wrong way in important scene when we continue improving oneself while talking with teacher for heart"

We see the other party well and come to like
Power to feel heart for power of expression

 Way of talking that small kinsanno is warm comes from thought "that people like".

"Comic storyteller is interested in 10 times, partner of other people. This is because power to feel heart of partner is connected for power to express, power to convey. It is said that it is, "we learn with thin silkworm" well, but I like human being

 Such small kinsanno teacher "sixth generation Tsubame Yanagiya" is real father. Memory that took a walk with busy father in the times when comic story teller was in great demand on TV is marked on heart of small kin boy.

"We muttered bleatingly while leading me by the hand what it was. We understood that that was lesson later. It is comic story teller that does not show another person figure making an effort"

 Rakugo imminent since childhood. Opportunity when we wanted to be the way was performance to commemorate at the succession of the master's name of father who saw when we were in the first year of junior high school.

"Applause not to stop sounding, smile that looks happy of visitor who returns while saying, "we were good, let's come again"…. It is great in spite of being my father! We thought of this. We were apprenticed to father at the age of 18. When "see by oneself", Kosan teacher gave father an order for the fifth generation that was teacher of father. When it became for art not to indulge while putting at hand, we would perceive"

 While being father; teacher. It did not seem to be unexpectedly difficult to distribute the official and private matters.

Because "we respected as comic storyteller…. There is thought to want to inherit "saliva woman" for the seventh generation. But when art caught up with that. It is art not the name to inherit. That is to inherit "vector of life"

 It rises the cost of teaching that has been inherited ceaselessly today in small kinsanha, stage.

(December 27, 2013)

State of stage in Kitamachi variety hall.
On Saturday, January 25, 2014
We count the 71st
(photo courtesy: small kinsan)

In Kitamachi variety hall,
Small kinsan which has seeing off
(photo courtesy: small kinsan)

Before public performance of Kitamachi variety hall
It is game meal in "Tonkatsumarutoshi"!

Movement to suck in long pipe.
He/she showed

Coverage place in April, 2013
We renewed
Tea-ceremony room of Kouyama Garden

Of old school, Senshu University attached high school
In "homukamingude"
Stage that we are called
(photo courtesy: small kinsan)

It is ga creed by relationship with people carefully.
"Anything for this person
At first, we think about whether you can do it"

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Kokin Yanagiya

Kokin Yanagiya

It was born in Komagome for 1,967 years and is resident in Mukaiyama from 7 years old. During attendance at school of Senshu University attached high school, we become a disciple of Tsubame Yanagiya at 18 years old for father, the sixth generation. Stage name Kosuke. We change our name for (11 generations) to forbid promotion, the small in the second in 1989. It is said to be success in life name of small kinha, Yanagiya school. In 1998, we are promoted to qualification given to comic storyteller. Forte of Yanagiya is funny stories such as "time soba", but we take away fence, and human empathy thing or suspense thing act, too. Hobby sake tasting (laugh) more than eating the way and limits. We run about by local coherence, "Kokin Yanagiya one-person show" by "Kitamachi variety hall - Kokin Yanagiya one-person show" in the whole country. We value consolation of child variety hall and nursing home. We acted as lecturer at voice actor training school. It is said that there is near thing at point playing only in voice. In the shop which is partial to in Nerima, Tonkatsumarutoshi (Kitamachi), interrupting field (Nukui) are covered; house (Kitamachi), pirates (Oizumi).

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