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Yutaka kondo

By illustration of pataphysics handbook
Career of physical science was useful!

 We scientize seriously very much and inspect the SF world such as comics animation, special effects. "Pataphysics handbook" which was predominant in generation from the 1990s, and became long series to continue to 15 volumes now. It is Yutaka kondo that is in charge of the illustration.

"The first article be handed by editor who joined by work of special effects and animation-related book when "we read a little". As was a graduate from department of science and engineering, "driving force is like this, and frictional force is like this…"It is the line!" if we wake up in "and figure We were asked for this. Time when career of physical science is useful is finally Kita! (laugh) in this"

 Time when remain in impression movie "samurai in the last." It was time that we inspected on earth how many meters Mount Fuji where was more greatly projected on by image scenery was.

"Rikao Yanagida of the writer derives height from screen using trigonometric function and trigonometric ratio. We do to such a thing? In this, we are surprised at the grimness (laugh). If child is interested in mathematics and science from such a place, you are glad"

 What we keep in mind as illustrator?

As "request comes on seeing the past results, similar work increases. Therefore we always think, "we will turn into form different" as it is unwilling to draw similar illustration. "We described in front of that, like this" when we did it for 30 years May think of this. Therefore it takes time before now pretends to be idea. Though we thought that work became fast if we got old! " (laugh)

 In the first place it seems to be thing which unique style of painting of "pataphysics handbook" produced saying "let's do different thing!". We do not repeat the same thing…. In tolerant atmosphere, we feel faith that we hid!

Movie circle is turning point of the life
Friend at the time is acquaintance of 30 years

 Boyhood when we were influenced by comic magazine for adults whom employee was reading in small factory in town of the parents' house. It was to have been concerned with 8mm movie in special effects movie circle of university at turning point of the life.

"People in editing production keep reputation of circle which I drew to eyes. We were asked for work of illustration for the first time"

"We were taught the way of business by that president. When "he/she gives some work" and should show dehanaku when "oneself has this." As work not to be good for oneself got hard after all, it was said that we took job because it was always possible for what we wanted to do"

 The illustrator life that began in this way. We seem to be often asked by connection of friend that 30 years passed now at the time. As for the serialization of "Nerima animation spot sight-seeing note" that began in Nerima animation site, calling from old friend was opportunity.

 Furthermore, you had edge that was deep with animation company of Nerima!

"There are many friends along Seibu Line in high school. Father of friend who often went to stay in house was Director Kimio Yabuki who made theater animation "cat which wore boots" with TOEI video (forerunner of TOEI ANIMATION)

"We read comics for adults and were brought up or were in favor with parents generation well when we found each other easy to talk to (laugh). We had you say, "come to play without son" from Director Yabuki and had preview for families cause

 It was connection of friend of school days that moved to Kamishakujii.

"There were many familiar shops and, by introduction of friends who were born and raised in this neighborhood, came. By that child connection, come to be said hello by local primary schoolchild. Kamishakujii is the first time that we thought to be "own town" any place other than the parents' house

 Nerima that was connected by mysterious relationship. We are looking forward to from serialization, this of "Nerima animation spot sight-seeing note"!

(July 1, 2014)

Scenery of home workshop.
Material which became mountain,
It is crowded in other rooms!
(illustration offer: Mr. Kondo)

From the "pataphysics handbook" first issue
We deal with all the text illustrations.
More than 1,200 points of total!
(published by MEDIA FACTORY)

SKY PerfecTV! It is historical drama channel of this
Of this in monthly guide magazine! 
(photo courtesy: Mr. Kondo)

With "pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch"
Group of kappas exhibition
We performed in 2011.
As for the talent of paperwork!
(photo courtesy: Mr. Kondo)

Nerima animation site
We were renewed.
It depends on Mr. Kondo in that
"Nerima animation spot sight-seeing note"
Serialization starts of this!

Happi coat & bee Maki.
It is original of 20 years! 

Of "yamabuki & koban"
Two cats are lodgers, too.
(photo courtesy: Mr. Kondo)

Without overambitiousness natural posture,
We seem to always take our ease! 
People gather around
We felt charm


Yutaka kondo

Yutaka kondo

In 1964, we are born and raised in downtown area, Sumida-ku of Tokyo. Small factory in town where the parents' house processes iron for shipbuilding. In 4 brothers of older brother, two younger sisters, it was "child whom hand did not hang over if we described even painting". We are affected by comic magazine for adults including "Shonen Magazine" "comics action" "play comics". On the other hand, we like study particularly mathematics and enter a school of higher grade from Waseda Jitsugyo Gakko high school to Waseda University department of science and engineering. We begin married life with comic artist nochibakonami (powder taste) in Hoya of Nishitokyo-shi. Because, in 2006, the parents' house (the cause lodging house) of friend opened, to Kamishakujii. We make use of abundant knowledge such as illustration of "pataphysics handbook", special effects, historical drama and play an active part in many aspects including setting of sentence and animation. "Pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch" of Kamishakujii where favorite shop is regular customer of several years in Nerima. Chinese restaurant "Mappo garden" is acquaintance by the whole family. Favorite place is campus of Sophia University divinity. Since entered for the first time on Xavier feast day, to favorite.

Nerima animation spot sight-seeing note

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