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#097 nerima vegetable cafe representatives
Yuki Iwama

We love hometown, Kamishakujii
Local production for local consumption features nerimano!

 Nerima-ku is 23 wards, and farmland is large, and there is most in comfortable environment to be able to make local production for local consumption into. Do you know meeting of young people "nerima vegetable cafe" (as follows: bejikafe) who plan event to have you feel such "nerimano agriculture" close, and run? We heard story from Yuki Iwama who acted as representative.

As "I was interested in culture and tradition, environmental problem of agriculture of Nerima with opportunity, we participated in inhabitant of a ward plan course that featured the theme of agriculture in Nerima town planning center in summer of 2007. We performed monthly study session and launched bejikafe with people in their 20s and 30s who got there to know"

When "local production for local consumption is possible with their living gussets, it is fantastic. There are in particular many fields in the west of Nerima-ku where I live in. There are many direct sale places and loves Kamishakujii living in since childhood"

 Annual events gradually increased by bejikafe activity of about seven years, too. Of vegetables now local in "i noichi" of May sell, and with pickled plum classroom (June), edamame crop experience (July), Nerima radish crop experience (November) afterwards the making of pickled daikon. Anyone can participate freely.

"Member of bejikafe is after ten portions now. Including administrative dietitian, illustrator, picture book writer, herb therapist while people with skill help each other each when can do what it can do, go. For example, we have you talk about fermentation toward the administrative dietitian and have mother of member hold the making of pickled daikon and…"

"We further get to know Miyaji of Hikawa Shrine and do daikon airing in the precincts and get to know wholesale of soybean, and miso product rioshitemiyotoka, people and people are connected by soybean of native species, and "we do this, and let's see!" But, it seems to spread"

 In addition, product distributes direct sale place map and vegetables recipe. It may be easy to reach the same generation simply because it is sensitivity of young woman. Activity of bejikafe is volunteer basically. Iwama whom there is against nature naturally is reflected very attractively!

Gently and well
"Agriculture" It is connected through this…

 When would Iwama be interested in meal and agriculture from?

At the time of "the elementary school upper grades, program of NHK tried that we cooked under the influence of "thing made alone!" for the first time (laugh). Interest appeared in food from that time. As we are in the first year of junior high school, and English was pride, you are in the third year of junior high school, and, to hotel employee, come to want to go to confectionery school. It means that we wanted to have you please that it serves people not to change!"

 After confectionery school graduation, we study in several confectioneries and open "pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch" with friend. It became owner & patissier in concept in cafe which took in vegetables from Nerima. "nerima Japanese mustard spinach cake" is authorized in Nerikore.

"We cooked vegetables by oneself only after borrowing inhabitant of a ward farm. We cooked Japanese mustard spinach, molokheiya, perilla, lettuce in various ways. Japanese mustard spinach in particular was done too much (laugh), and sonnakikkakedenerima Japanese mustard spinach cake was done"

 Current Iwama enlarges base of activity outside ward.

"We participated in plan called "work corps in the country" and, in 2009, met depopulated village and said Nanmoku-mura, Gunma by the best aging in Japan. Afterwards, we opened "slight Cafe" with relation this year last year all the time using junior high school closed down in old folk house only in summer period. I provide cakes which were particular about local production for local consumption here!"

Iwama, "we should be able to think about interchange events of Nerima and Nanmoku-mura" is person "spinning" person and agriculture and area.

(November 4, 2014)

November 24 Monday (holiday) There is Nerima radish crop experience. Person who is interested takes!

In the Hikawa Shrine precincts State of "it includes pickles of pickled daikon" (photo courtesy: Iwama)

State of "the making of pickled plum" (photo courtesy: Iwama)

We will look for direct sale place. Direct sale place is nearly 300 in ward There is

Direct sale place of Nosaka farm nearly cafe. Of kind called "ayame snow" Discerning vegetables including turnip form a line, too

"Coconeri" the third floor Entrance of pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch

Of Nerikore authorization "nerima Japanese mustard spinach cake"

Shelf in cafe shop. Cake and goods, flyer We want to see base disseminating information

Graceful Iwama who wraps up partner in soft air


Yuki Iwama

Yuki Iwama

1981, Yokohama birth. We are living in Kamishakujii from 6 years old to date. nerima vegetable cafe representative. We are doing plan, administration of event felt "agriculture" in Nerima-ku close. After confectionery school graduation, we train ourselves in patisserie. From 2008 including friend and "pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch" in owner and patissier. It is lifework visiting direct sale places and to buy there vegetables. We are pouring power in performing business trip cafe in Nanmoku-mura, Gunma called the best depopulated village in Japan now. Activity of Iwama is taken up with newspaper or TV.

nerima vegetable cafe
Pretty good cafe PATISSIEReco bunch

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