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#100 Noh comedians
Mansaku Nomura

We do for 80 years in art career and are active!
We want you to watch Noh comedy without preconception

 Nerima's person reached the 100th at last. We make living national treasure at the ready and are Noh comedian who is Nerima-ku honor inhabitant of a ward, appearance of Bansaku Nomura! We called from relationship with Nerima-ku.

For "my child era, we were burnt out by war in Tabata, and temporary house was in Shiinamachi. Farmer changing vegetables for manure from Nerima has come and loves Nerima. We live in Nerima and become more than another 40 years. The beginning set up house in Oizumigakuen taking the opportunity of marriage and we moved to Bunkyo-ku once, but held lesson ground and home in Shakujii Park afterwards"

 Including Mansai Nomura of the eldest son, four children spent 1:00 charges in Nerima, too.

"The parents' house of classmate in Kowa Elementary School of the youngest girl is Uoya and will still go for buying by bicycle. Only fish and tofu go for buying by oneself"

 And cultural connection with Nerima-ku having been possible from 1983, gala opening of Nerima Cultural Center. Thereafter we held sham performance every year in Cultural Center and were taken office as honorary director in 2011.

As "I like drama and Kabuki, rakugo, we watch various performance to hang in Nerima Cultural Center and think that we want to speak one of impression. We thought whether there was time to spare with year…It does not readily go well" (laugh)

 Make 83 years old a year, and active play in great demand. Art career 80 years (!) We heard point to watch Noh comedy from Bansaku of this.

Without "preconception, it is enough just to watch the stage. Please do not think, "back ground is not found that there is not". We think that fun understands if there is commentary first and we concentrate on and watch"

"Noh comedy is said to be comedy, but we laugh only at the surface and are not thing which still is tense too much, and watches either. "Moderation" is important. We are relaxed and taste to listen to words well. Please feel traditional rich sensitivity different from "geragera laughter" of recent comedy show of Japan

It is word to be important
We want to convey Japanese beauty definitely

"Noh comedy is modern drama of the Muromachi era. Human good point and bad point and greed that anyone has are described there. Daimyo may be satirized, or retainer may be drawn slovenly. It is not drama described in one-sided glance. It is drama of "human being hymn" which Japanese made"

 In group "meeting of Japanese witch hazel" giving a performance led by Bansaku, we hold workshop of Noh comedy for primary schoolchildren in ward.

"It will feel Japanese beauty in the future, and it is important to become able to talk exactly beautifully. I laid emphasis on school performance around 20, 30 generations, too. Teachers are earnest, too, and children are pleased with Noh comedy and begin to think that it is said and smiled a smile"

Bansaku who talks earnestly when it is "word to be important." It is full of * rakananakanimo, passion to Noh comedy.

As "Noh comedy is old speech, there is illegible thing now. But we think that we can get feeling as we exaggerate feelings and express. There is not set, character goes around the stage slowly, and can it image scenery of the capital, "well, well, to be lively" if it says to? It is the world that is dependent on imagination"

 Bansaku who explains clearly while demonstrating. On the other hand, you have face as teacher telling much Teshi.

"We do not think "to want you to do it well" to pupil. We go up stairs in their 30s little by little if in our 20s or 30s if in our twenties. That will be fine if he/she does that we are suitable for each age properly. We ask "quality" appropriate for age"

 For a word word, we feel human heaviness that came in pursuit of way of art.

 Bansaku who is determined when we ask about the future prospects saying it is saying "we want to realize "bonfire noh" in Shakujii Matsunokaze Bunka Park". As there is performance in Nerima Cultural Center on April 14, 2015, we want to soak ourselves in the world of Noh comedy of living national treasure, Bansaku Nomura to the full.

(February 2, 2015)

Than the stage of sham "bobaku" Shooting, Shinji Masakawa

We acted with eldest son, ten thousand Itsuki, grandchild, Yuki in three generations 2014 Noh comedy "sudden promotion" Shooting, Shinji Masakawa

We acted with eldest son, ten thousand Itsuki, grandchild, Yuki in three generations 2010 Noh comedy "two hakama" Shooting, Okumura photo studio

Of Nerima Cultural Center In honorary director inauguration ceremony Bansaku who says hello (photo courtesy: Nerima-ku)

It looks like we explain display in Nerima Cultural Center inauguration ceremony (photo courtesy: Nerima-ku)

Teshi and others performing workshop in municipal elementary school (photo courtesy: Association of Nerima-ku culture promotion)

To give a faithful answer We can ask about personality of Bansaku. This human nature to the stage of Noh comedy We may appear with nature

Signature that we had At "industry, sightseeing information corner" We display


Mansaku Nomura

Mansaku Nomura

In 1931, we are born as the second son of living national treasure, late sixth Manzo Nomura. It is debut at 3 years old. When it is small, I hate lesson, and it is said, "we escaped". While we go to Kabuki and the new school of drama after the entrance to school in Waseda University, we notice charm of Noh comedy. In 1950, we assume Master's name of childhood name "Japanese witch hazel" of father as a successor. Triggered by "evening crane" of 1954 appearance, we challenge the field except Noh comedy eagerly. In 1957, we appear on the sham first overseas performance in Paris. After that, commencing with University of Washington guest professor appointment, we go around all parts of the world and spread Noh comedy. A lot of receiving a prize including Purple Ribbon Medal and art festival award. It is authorized in living national treasure, 2008 in 2007 by Nerima-ku honor inhabitant of a ward. 2011, Nerima Cultural Center honor director appointment. In now older than 80 years old, we digest the stage energetically. Shakujii Park that favorite place goes out in Nerima to learn lines. We keep cat named Juri becoming 12 years old.

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