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#103 TOEI Tokyo studio directors
Ryosuke Kijiya

We start as bow tie shop of production progress
We acquired experience while getting yelled at

 TOEI Tokyo studio which produces popular dramas such as "Kamen Rider" and squadron series, "fellow" let alone many masterpiece movies. Three pieces of panels of TOEI studio are displayed to Oizumi animation gate "graphic wall" of the finished Oizumi-Gakuen Station north exit in April, 2015, too.

Ryosuke Kijiya of director saying, "we reduce poster of movie until the 1970s when we made purely only in the company before production Committee method is introduced into production of movie and set."

 It is director of so-called rising through the ranks "that starts from "assistant to assistant to assistant of production progress" in 1987, and did anything from garbage picking to trivial routine duties".

"It keeps on getting yelled at in amateurs at a complete loss first. It was the time such as endearment that we were angry and had a good experience"

 "The preparation shop" which begins with production progress in budget management, schedule, and carries complete set including securing of parking space from lunch arrangement, the allocation of cars. We distribute handbill beforehand on location in residential area and do greetings rotation and clean before withdrawal. We put garbage which oneself do not take out in order and do not miss consideration to inhabitants either.

"It is work like manager when we say by club activities. In the most important one, it is taken care of the staff. As there is few, and there are 30-40 people, the staff with 100 people at most. To hear the complaint, is house of work until dealing with grievances, "lunch tastes bad"; (laugh)

 As soon as if convenience store prepares barley tea in morning in the few times, is said, "is lukewarm" at noon, and prepare in that; and "this comes" business that instructions fly in saying is in "that there"…. On the other hand, it was usually experience only in the movie industry that was able to go to place not to be able to go.

Though "we had not boarded airplane either, we changed Asia, the Middle East at the first overseas location for three months. Driver is lost in Saudi Arabian desert. It is unforgettable memory that looked at starlit sky that gets off car, and spreads out from the horizon"

 Still it was about every time that we were going to stop only because heart was broken.

"But, for the end credit of finished movie, own name of such assistants had you enter, too. In that "shall try another one?." And it is regrettable to be said, "he gave up on the way"…It was guts if we said cool"

"Person" makes movie
Therefore communication is important

 Originally movie was hobby from the small time. "kapurikon, 1" if you like open overseas showy masterpiece as for the one of the memories for 1,977 years. It was the first step of the movie life to have been moved with SF suspense about manned Mars exploration spaceship saying "movie can make anything!". We went to Tokyo with graduation from high school and made up our mind to make movie of hobby work.

"... which, after all, you should have made hobby" "was sorry many times (laugh). We became able to say that roundabout route was experienced by new employee now"

It is "salesman that director is the best, window of the best business" if "we borrow late words. A great variety of people come to studio. We cannot make good thing without communication with people and person. As oneself who began with person in charge of complaint inquiry of underling fits that we hear story in this sense"

 People make movie. Words to emphasize place called "person" remain in impression.

 Saying "want to plan event for area" in future; Kijiya. Only as for Oizumi movie course of town walk event "nerimanoneri walk" that Nerima-ku Tourism Association hosts now at opportunity when the public can enter. It is popularity to draw lots every time.

"Lunch in company food enters course, but "delicious" is very glad of "cheap" no voice. In fact, other studios are concentrated in the Chofu area, and there is much staff who lives along the line, and, in TOEI, there is never far-off image. If "we come capital!" where "it was good to come" We want this to think and sell company food as attractive one"

 We are still looking forward to the production of movie and drama which people are connected to people by studio in Nerima-ku, and were made!

(May 7, 2015)

At the Oizumi-Gakuen Station north exit, It was completed in April, 2015 Oizumi animation gate Of "graphic wall" Panel of TOEI

Wooden tally which wrote down title of movie which produced in a row! It is the best part

"Thing which is usable in studio uses anything" is inviolable rule. Popular name "large Morisaka" characterized by willow (*) which comes up in many works

As for the car which was actually used by shooting in parking lot in place in normal It was put

The town of miniature. Blue sky of background makes a specialty of Freehand drawing by craftsman! It seems to be genuine when we photograph

It is not available now Old sliding paper-door or handle It is kept carefully

Kintaro candy of TOEI with logo. "Welcome!" with no thought In the staff and the cast We distribute (the top). Is cheap, is early, is good! Company food which can stand in line in around noon (bottom)

Kijiya of impression that it is said that it is no good without putting on airs and is easy to talk about. Kazuya Sakai (the left) who is dragoman of "nerimanoneri walk" and Naoki Watanabe (the right) of Management Department


Ryosuke Kijiya

Ryosuke Kijiya

Pheasant and Ryo be not crowded and were born in 1966, Akita. When thought about future occupation, if "can make favorite movie into work…We go to Tokyo after "and the thought graduation from high school. We are engaged in movie as assistant for free production (the industry that 90% of the staff is still free). Movie which participated in first "reason not to break up" of the Junichi Watanabe original. We enter TOEI as employee in 2005 and take office as director in 2012. Hobby is motorcycle and snorkeling. We camped and went around the seashore on group and motorcycle in old days. Favorite shop eel shop "funa *" of Oizumigakuen.

TOEI Tokyo studio

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