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#Treatment center's director of 110 Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital wound
Makoto Natsui

Without common sense being afraid of failure, too
We established new cure

 About treatment of wound and burn, do you not hear method "that you do not dry not to sterilize" well recently? It is Mr. Mutsumi Natsui of Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital that we develop cure called "wet (shitsujun) therapy", and spread.

 Preventing you from drying body fluid called ooze (advance) liquid which restores wound with dampness therapy, and regenerates skin. Basics wash away wound with water well and cover with exclusive seats (lap which or applied white vaseline). Very simple.

 In fact, without theory to cause in the United States in the 1950s having been announced for the first time, but noticing if even the person who wrote is revolutionary; in the 1980s…. In the case of bedsore (bedsore) in ward, treatment of so-called bedsore, treatment not to dry is rediscovered.

"We pushed back because it was in charge of bedsore treatment in 1996, but found book of treatment that young doctor did not dry and wanted to challenge" when "do"

 We are surprised when we try while treating bedridden elderly person after having taken to thought, permission when "we use for treatment of wound of young person" incidentally as it is remarkable the next day, and progress is good. We seemed to be convinced, "this is usable!".

 To hear words of patient "not to have a pain during treatment" more, it is days of hard study. We thought thoroughly whenever it did not go well and established method. Where will posture to investigate be born from without being seized with common sense?

"Group seems to have law to be divided at 2:8. Type that 20% meddles with anything in novelty hunters when "it seems to be interesting" and learns from failure. Type that it is hesitation or refuses when "I should do what if 80% conflicts with new knowledge if it is anything or gets up." Because it was novelty hunter (laugh) from the old days as for me"

 It will be said that as wet treatment was established, cures increased. The patient came to choose cure.

Of cure to disseminating information of hobby
Piano and PC were helpful!

 Mr. Natsui called novelty hunter seems to be considerably particular by hobby.

"We learned piano until 7-17 years old and were impatient to want to flip even study destination and played looking for musical instruments store (laugh). In difficult piece of music that even Music College student and professional do not do, what we challenge is fun now" and

 Piano which he/she showed in front of coverage staff is skill in semiprofessional grade! It is about 1984 that we had computer which is another hobby. We study program, and Internet kizunariki says that we made one's own game.

"We have already released commentary of score and music of super difficult piece of music of piano on homepage. We launched homepage of "new wound treatment" from 2001 to tell the world about "wet treatment" when homepage would be effective. It is thought by showing case in photograph, and disclosing information, what the patient wants as this wound happened several days" later

 The number of cases amounts to 1,500. Enthusiasm that we want to inform overflows from screen, and posture of teacher who does not move slightly can call. Patient seems to further come to the hospital now from foreign countries the whole country as anything is checked with smartphone.

 When such a teacher hears opportunity when aimed at doctor, "merely as results were good" (laugh). But, actually, it seems to be these days that we became able to think, what "it becomes was good".

"It was ordinary doctor who was not good at operation until mid-40s. It came to be thanked by patient because we established this cure"

 Letter from child and mothers is put on many places, and, "thank you", in consulting room of teacher, feelings overflow from all letters.

(December 1, 2015)

Book of teacher more than ten books It is published (the left) spring and summer shrine, (the right) SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.

Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital with "treatment center of wound" only in Japan

State of reception desk

Afterword of book to "be able to treat around 100 injured people if there are water and lap one when we cannot go to hospital by large-scale disaster" remains in impression

Hobby of teacher is piano. It is put in consulting room, We practice for breaks

There are a lot of toys in consulting room. We are going to soften anxiety of child Feeling is handed down

As for the letter arriving from treated child

Teacher who is eager in developing upbringing. And "we tell" "immediately dehanaku, Because it may be wrong, You should think slowly and carefully by oneself" But, it is motto of instruction


Makoto Natsui

Makoto Natsui

It was born in 1957, also known as now, Akita in the summer. In the eldest sons of three brothers, as for father, mathematics, mother is teacher of national language. Tohoku University medical department graduation. We propose "wet treatment" that is effective for injury and burn from 1996. We deal with the spread of treatment mainly on activity in homepage and lecture. We raise "treatment center of wound" originally and, following Nagano, hospital in Ibaraki, take office as "treatment center of Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital wound" director from April, 2012. Majority including (SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.) where book "must not sterilize wound burn." We love liquor and banquet and often go to wine bar, bar. Shop favorite in Nerima "Butcher's + bar."

New wound treatment

Hikarigaoka, Nerima Hospital
Treatment center of wound

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