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#116 nogakushiichi*ryufueho/flute musician/composers
Yukihiro Isso

Transcendence art to handle five flutes at the same time!
Challenge mind to overturn common sense of Noh

 "Green wind Nerima bonfire noh" that is held in Shakujii Matsunokaze Bunka Park on October 10, 2016. Therefore it is Yukihiro Isso that plays flute (ability pipe). "ichi*ryufueho" is school having been continued since what Azuchimomoyama era, and debut is 9 years old. Whether you have been brought up as heir very strictly omoi breath…?

"We were not told to do flute by parent at all. We wanted to do it and began with oneself and noticed fun of flute. It is rare that lesson was put by father. We listened to flute of father and learned naturally since childhood"

 Learn esoteric melody (music to be introduced only into specific school and limited person) of ability with ear, from father "know why"; seemed to be surprised to. Because younger brothers and sisters brought up in the same environment are not interested in music, after all, it will be natural ability.

 Isso handled Japanese and Western various flutes including recorder while there were many flute people who played only classic and composed by oneself and brought to flute called "dengaku (dengaku) flute".

"There was entertainment of dengaku ability in Japan since before Noh was born. Based on past material, it is dengaku flute that created to reproduce that. Of ability beginner is easy to enter as it is, so to speak, music dance which Noh which Kanami and Zeami established was drama-related high thing, but focused on musicality than drama characteristics as for the dengaku ability"

 Isso who performs collaboration with domestic and foreign various musicians now. We continue widening possibility of ability pipe endlessly freely. Every one of yumeria hall plays with percussion instrument tabla and tap of India in the summer in annual concert. Of course we show transcendence art to play five flutes at the same time, and coming stuns the audience sokudan. In performance far apart from image of so-called "ability", we cannot help losing heart.

 It was recorder that we came across opportunity when we devoted ourselves to to flute to here in primary schoolchildren. Yukihiro who came across Western music including Bach. We are devoted to jazz and hard rock, heavy metal, every music including electronic music in medium- and high-levels commencing with composition from that time. We enjoyed music across fence of genre. Before it seemed to be said, "we cannot give do-re-mi with ability pipe", but we make full use of various techniques and can play in concert with piano and guitar, violin.

It "was complained badly by father and was stopped in one's youth (laugh). For father from the circumference was wind-swept, and would be complicated. Still we thought that it was a shame that we shut in possibility in infinity"

 In what do not stop continuing challenging new thing, Isso is possessed by flute above all, and this may be always because it is fun and is unbearable.

Japanese tradition music,
Can be proud of oneself Japanese

 In the first place Noh was concluded in "iitokodori" of various entertainments of the Muromachi era. It is thought of Isso that it "is rather natural that collaboration is possible with any music".

"Jazz and the blues came out of beet of black. As even Bach is fusion of French Germany Italy. There is not originally genre in music. We act in the same play, and there is not musical instrument which thought that it is difficult to put together until now. As we are not bound by master and pupil relations of school and seniority, we think that we like and try and can bring about new performance"

 What Isso plays for free heart can call at place where words come out without overambitiousness. On the other hand, there must be classic Noh for Isso, too.

"Foreigner feels that we know a lot about the sum musical instrument than Japanese now. Is it not the funny situation not to be able to judge good point of Japan not to reimport when "good because we are popular in foreign country"?

 Isso who carries a sense of duty on the back while feeling trouble in the conservative world called hereditary system system saying, "at first, Japanese understand, and can be proud of Japanese traditions." What kind of traditional music you will play by bonfire noh and are a pleasure more and more!

(September 26, 2016)

State of concert of yumeria hall. In tabla and shakuhachi, hand-drum, the latter half Tap dancer and session. We embody in music not having border! (August, 2016)

Flyer of concert of yumeria hall

We right play five flutes of act of God! Without knowledge of Noh It was concert to be able to enjoy purely

Flute to own is what 500. The oldest flute is thing 400 years ago. Renaissance recorder As for a lot of flutes except ability pipe including bugle horn

"ichi*ryushokashu" which is handed down from generation to generation. Esoteric melody does not appear here We make devolution from teacher to pupil

Two points set of song (the left) and with finger (the right) is sheet of music of ability pipe

As for the experience that tied the scene ability pipe which had electric recorder splendidly to amplifier

When it comes to flute, Be with shining eyes like child, Isso whom story does not stay in. Being crazier than anyone else about flute, It is handed down


Yukihiro Isso

Yukihiro Isso

We are born as nogakuichi*ryufueho which goes still more, and spreads out from the Hiro Azuchimomoyama era, the eldest son of late Yukimasa Isso. Nerima-ku native place, residence. We play Japanese and Western flutes while we play an active part in the front line of Noh classic and push on for performance, composition activity. It is energetic in produce performance and concert to "go to Noh theater". The second "traditional prize to create" receiving a prize (Japanese culture art foundation). Musician and costarring of domestic and foreign various genres. There are many living-room gigs including "Red and White Singing Contest" "Untitled Concert", too. Hobby catches char and a kind of trout with change at the Tone River mountain stream and enjoys. Place favorite in Nerima is forest of the Igashira Park - Shirako River source of walk course.

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