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Fist half marathon life! To na you…

Half marathon meet of 5,000 scales to be performed every year in March. Ant popular among lottery magnification in course that can run in some highways and amusement parks 3 times or more outside ward! Let alone preliminary inspection of earnest runner for point and sightseeing of support in Nerima. Let's nurse delusions with figure given great encouragement!

Fist half marathon life! To na you… Image

SPOT1. "start/check from Hikarigaoka Park of making a goal!"

We are checked by Hikarigaoka Park of start/goal!

607,824 square meters and wide i park. With 23 wards of metropolitan park TOP4. Public performance starts in front of baseball field in park. We are late when we come to the very limit as standing in line takes time! As it is stone pavement, cushion is bad, but there is enough area, and it should be easy to run. Position of restroom is check required, too.

Address/4, Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku others
Telephone/03-3977 - 7638 (Hikarigaoka Park Service Center)

Though "it is in Nerima, it is Toshimaen SPOT2.! This runs, too"

It is Toshimaen in what is in Nerima! This runs, too

Amusement parks one of the best for 1,926 years in Tokyo of opening of the park. We run through the Toshimaen on that day! Of course it is ticket-free. That amusement park is in course of marathon; Marchen! However, speed runner is medical care in way being unexpectedly small, and there being gravel. You come to play once by the day and should get atmosphere.

Address/3-25-1, Kouyama, Nerima-ku
Telephone/03-3990 - 8800
Please confirm in HP to fluctuate by/time for business hours.

SPOT3. "run in the Circular Route 8! Kasugacho tunnel section"

We run in the Circular Route 8! Kasugacho tunnel section

We appear early at the 11-km mark in the greatest climax. Refreshment to be able to finish running main highways to be able to never usually go along! We want to taste tunnel of instant 1,060m slowly and carefully if we run by car. As there is water supply point in point that passed through tunnel in usual, let's warn to be preoccupied with, and to take, and not to forget.

Address/3-33, Kasugacho, Nerima-ku - 35

SPOT4. "already if come, half to here! The Self-Defense Forces Nerima garrison town"

If come to here; already half! The Self-Defense Forces Nerima garrison town

Marathon is the middle stage, too! Here plays if we keep physical strength. We do not enter garrison town, and pull Kawagoe Kaido along white outer wall and come back to Toshimaen street on that day. As it is residential area, encouragement and smile of roadside are felt a lot close. Let's charge spirit to run by high five.

Address/4-1-1, Kitamachi, Nerima-ku

SPOT5. "shockingly of the last! nemunoki bridge"

Of the last shockingly! nemunoki bridge

The 17-km mark. Goal is very near! Moving debyombyon of many runners shakes in long bridge. In mysterious sense such as game of main character of that mustache and hat. Of course let's enjoy special experience as the safe top does not have any problem. The ground is kind to knee which is gummy, and has begun to be tired.

Address/3-3, Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku