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Oizumi Igashira Park

It is slim park which river and green beauty that springs overflow are characterized by. It is surrounded by Magnolia Kobus, Yoshino cherry tree, zelkova, rich trees including maple. Above all, old big tree of two circle bayan nagis outstanding in particular is appointed in cultural assets of Nerima-ku with large zelkova of Shirayama Shrine. With tree with reason "to be burnt, and to come out to legend of Benten", spring was ceaseless from the root of willow, and this willow seemed to drift. Park becomes place of recreation and relaxation for nearby people throughout the year.

Oizumi Igashira Park image

Address 7-34, Higashioizumi, Nerima-ku
Rate Admission for free
Business hours Regular opening of the park
Regular holiday Having no days off

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